Z's Ambition! Lily the Little Giant!

Z's Ambition! Lily the Little Giant! is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 12/02/2012

Z's Ambition Arc (Filler)

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Rocketing up through the ocean into the New World, the Straw Hats reach the Maubeugemour Sea, which proves a dangerous obstacle! What amazing adventures will the mysterious traveler they find adrift in that ocean bring them next?
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Episode Synopsis

Z's Ambition! Lily the Little Giant!
KanjiZの野望編 小さな巨人リリー!

Zetto no Yabō Hen - Chiisana Kyojin Rirī!

Air Dates
December 2, 2012
December 1, 2012
Mangan/a (Filler - Movie Tie-in)
Theme Music

"We Go" by Hiroshi Kitadani

Written and Composed by Shouko Fujibayashi and Kouhei Tanaka

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Ain and Bins waiting
Ain and Bins waiting

Somewhere on the Grand Line, Ain and Bins of the Neo Marines are surrounded by ships of their forces as they wait. She announces how the Great Pirate Era is coming to an end, and it's time for her master, Z.

Straw Hats ready to fight
Straw Hats ready to fight

Back at the Straw Hats, the crew is in a panic as they see themselves surrounded by Marine ships, though, Nami looks to the skies suspiciously. Luffy's call to battle inspires the previously cowering Usopp and Chopper to get ready to brawl. Luffy activates his Gear Third despite Nami's coll to stop, but his punch hits nothing. The ships disappear and Nami explains that these were part of a common mirage in this area of the sea.

No good solutions
No good solutions

Before they can rest, giant drops of rain fall from the sky and some change to hail. The crew have to break them before they hit the Thousand Sunny. Once the rain stops, an avalanche of snow begins to tumble down toward them. This time, Robin saves the ship by creating a par of giant hands. Things only get worse as the sea suddenly parts and they're slowly falling. Brook's scared to die, but Robin explains that they'll probably crash and drown before then. No one has a good solution, so, Franky activates the Coup de Burst to get free to safety. Unfortunately, they're struck by lightening while in the sky.

Once the storms have passed and the sun is out, the crew are resting in a change of clothes. Luffy orders Sanji to cook up the fish they had caught, but he explains most of it was ruined. He tells them to wait while he cooks up what he had saved. Though, inside the kitchen someone is hiding.

A tiny stow away
A tiny stow away

Sanji calls the guys to eat the first dish he's made, he turns around, and the food is gone by the time Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper arrive. Chopper starts to think this sea could be haunted and he hears the voice of someone calling out. The soup pot Sanji had just been cooking in falls over suddenly, but it's empty. They see a tiny shadow run away. Some think it's a bug, but Chopper thinks it's a ghost bug. They chase after it, and Sanji checks and find the entire fridge is empty now.

Luffy finally sees the food thief
Luffy finally sees the food thief

Most of the crew are shocked to see Luffy running around with a net and shouting at someone. Chopper says they're after a bug ghost, but Luffy corrects that it's a food thief. The tiny thief takes offense to the accusation, but her shouting draws Luffy's attention. He snatches Brook up, but the stow away leaps out of his empty eye socket and onto Luffy's nose. Finally getting a good look, Luffy can see it's a tiny human girl. She jumps off and into the grass, but no one can seem to catch her. Zoro even gets involved after hearing she drank all the sake. Before Franky can catch her by stepping on her, this tiny woman knocks him off his feet.

Luffy blocks the giant's attack
Luffy blocks the giant's attack

Now that they know she's strong, the guys are ready to fight seriously, and she responds to the threat by suddenly growing to the size of a giant right on the ship. She tries to stab Luffy with her giant fork, but he surprises her by catching it then lifting her, After spinning her around, Luffy flings her into the sea. When they notice she can't swing, Sanji jumps in after her. As the woman drops into the sea, Sanji arrives and she shrinks to a few inches in his hands.

Luffy meets Lily Enstomach
Luffy meets Lily Enstomach

The strange young girl is dreaming as she apologizes for not being able to help her father, but comes to on the deck of the Thousand Sunny. She's on the defensive as she wakes up, but Luffy's excited how she can grown and change shape. She tells him how she used to be a giant who ate the Min-Mini Fruit. She's currently at her now normal size, but can shrink to a small as 5 mm or grow to a giant. When Chopper asks what else she can do. She says that she can go into a person's body, grow, and break them to pieces from the inside. Luffy thinks he would become a giant. When the girl is confused, Nami explains that he's made of rubber and would just stretch. Sanji finally asks her name, and she says it's Lily Enstomach. She's also known as Lily the Glutton becasue she eats so much for a woman.

Lily showing off her strength
Lily showing off her strength

When Nami asks why she got on the ship, Lily tells them she was sailing in an empty bottle waiting on someone when their ship came up from under her with a bunch of whales. The bottle broke and she hid. However, she suddenly remembers that she had originally been waiting. As she shouts her head enlarges out of proportion of her body. She tells them she had been waiting for her father, Panz Fry. Sanji and Robin had both heard of him. Robin explains that he specializes in stealing from the Marines and World Government to feed the hungry. Luffy and the others praise her dad as a hero.

Luffy offers to help save her father
Luffy offers to help save her father

After Lily calms down from panicking again, she tells them how her dad had gone missing. She learned that he was captured and was being taken to Impel Down. Luffy warns her about trying to sneak in there, but that wasn't her plan. She heard wile stowing away on a Marine warship that he was going to be transferred through the Maubeugemour Sea. She was waiting on a Marine ship there when it sank in the storm. She asks them for a bottle before she tells them to leave to avoid danger, but Luffy offers to help save her dad. Lily is touched as the rest of the crew agree to help.

Shuzo challenges Ain's authority
Shuzo challenges Ain's authority

Elsewhere in the sea, a Neo Marine submarine receives a call. A soldier aboard claims that the commander can't be reached, but Ain is at the other end and knows Shuzo is there. He finally answers and explains he's sailing through the Maubeugemour Sea on he way to the rendezvous. When she asks why he's taking such a long route, he explains that he's going to finally kill Panz Fry. Ain warns him not to take actions that would attract the Marines. Shuzo dismisses her complaints be telling her he wont leave an survivors and to prove he's better as the right hand of him leader than she is. She warns him of the consequences of failure, but he understands the risk.

Panz Fry spotted
Panz Fry spotted

On the Thousand Sunny, a strange fog clears, and they catch sight of the Marine ships carrying Panz Fry. He's tied to a large raft and a hood marked with the word "sin" over his face.

Points of Interest

  • None of the events from this episode appeared in the original One Piece manga.
  • This is the first episode of the Z-s Ambition filler arc that is meant to tie into the twelfth One Piece movie, One Piece Film: Z. This places the continuity of those events between the Fish-Man island Arc and the Punk Hazrd Island Arc.
  • Ain and Bins appear in this episode and are major characters in the One Piece Film: Z movie. Though Ain talks, Bins has no spoken lines.
  • The clothes changes the Straw Hats wear in this episode is reflective of what they will have in One Piece Film: Z.
  • The location of the Maubeugemour Sea is a creation for these filler episodes of One Piece and doesn't appear in the manga.
  • Lily and her father's name, Panz Fry, defies the normal One Piece naming convention where the family name is always spoken first.
  • This episode is the first appearance of a Marine sub in the One Piece series. The only other submarines to appear in One Piece have been Rice Rice's mini-sub in Episode 132, the Straw Hats' Shark Submerge, and the Heart Pirates' Submarine.

Moves This Episode

CharacterTechnique Name
Monkey D. LuffyGear Third
Gum-Gum Giant Pistol
Gum-Gum Propeller
Propeller Wind-Down
Roronoa ZoroSantoryu - 360 Pound Phoenix
SanjiDiable Jamble (unnamed)
Tony Tony ChopperKung Fu Point
Nico RobinMil Fleurs - Gigantestco Mano
Thousand SunnyCoup de Burst
Lily EnstomachMini-Mini Full Rebound

Characters & Voice Actors

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Shuzo ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
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Alpacacino ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
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