Zonge is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Zonge is a protagonist Bishokuya in Toriko. His character is primarily used for comic relief.


Zonge is a professional Bishokuya, although his competence in the field is constantly put into question. However, Zonge presumably managed to defeat or apprehend the Capture level 8 Crab Pig as it is on his Full Course. However the method used to capture his course ingredients other than the Baby Galala Crocodile are not known.


Zonge is a supportive protagonist created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series Toriko.


Zonge has not had much progression in the story. His strength level and two-faced demeanor have remained consistent within the story.


Zonge Full Profile
Zonge Full Profile

Zonge is a relatively tall man with a with lots of body hair and a muscular physique. He has a full head of black hair with sideburns and a mustache. He has many black freckles and two prominent scars on his face, one through his right eye and the other between his nose and right eye.


Zonge usually parades himself as a top level Bishokuya that is fearless in the face of opposition. However that quickly changes the moment he realizes that he's in over his head and he is very quick to flee.


Toriko - Despite Toriko's fame as one of the Four Heavenly Kings, Zonge was unaware of Toriko until after he met him. He believed that he was intimidating to Toriko, but quickly became intimidated instead merely by Toriko stading up. But Zonge kept on his fake air of superiority even after that.

Story Arcs

Puffer Whale Arc

Zonge is introduced in this arc. He was on the same train as Toriko and Komatsu. He complained that all the liquor on the train had been bought, then he saw that Toriko had an assortment of liquor on his table. Zonge tried to intimidate Toriko, but became frightened himself when the latter stood up. Nevertheless, Toriko generously offered sake to Zonge. Zonge coincidentally was after the same ingredient that Toriko was, that being the Puffer Whale. He arrived at the same cave, but eventually ran out due to a swarm of capture level 1 Giant Millipedes. He runs into Toriko once outside the cave, having failed to capture a single Puffer Whale. He claimed that it would have been too boring to capture the Puffer Whale as his excuse.

Century Soup Arc

Zonge realizing he is in grave danger
Zonge realizing he is in grave danger

Zonge joins the expedition to acquire the Century Soup, tempted by the 1,000,000,000 yen bounty placed on it's retrieval. But upon arriving, he breaks off from the main group and essential was scurrying all over Ice Hell, either because he was looking for the soup or he was running from beasts. He failed to acquire the soup but left the island along with Toriko, Teppei and the rest when National Treasure Setsuno came to rescue them.

Later, at the Country of Healing Life, Zonge is yet again seen on the same area as Toriko as Zonge was there to relax while Toriko was recovering. As Zonge bathed in an Onsen Shark, Doctor Fish that specialized in eating away dead skin and dirt swarmed around him. This was not normal but was happening because Zonge was so putrid and required that many.

Break Arc

Zonge and his men arrive on Surprise Island when Toriko and Komatsu happened to be there to retrieve some of the famous Surprise Apples, which were fruits that became tastier in accordance to how much one could surprise it. Despite Zonge's lack of power, he unintentionally managed to surprise one of the Surprise Apples to level 80, the highest achieved on the island that day including Toriko's attempt.

Dodurian Bomb Arc

Zonge literally only appears in one panel during this mini arc. When the Dodurian Bomb ripened and fell, it released it's notorious stench that was so powerful that people all over the world including Zonge's men were visibly disturbed by it's stench. Zonge however seemed not even to notice.

Four Beast Arc

Zonge arrives at Center Human world after hearing about the Legendary Four Beast. He confidently asked where the Four Beast was, believing that he could defeat it. But Zonge got one look at the beast and did not appear again until after the Four Heavenly Kings defeat it. Zonge celebrates the victory along with the rest of Center Human World.


Zonge had another brief appearance when Horse King Heracles' foul was born. Even the normally oblivious Zonge could hear the mighty beast's roar.

Powers & Abilities

Hunting Method:

Aside from Zonge's axe which resembles a giant cleaver, he has no apparent hunting method. It is not even said that Zonge has Gourmet Cells as all Bishokuya of name thus far have had. He does however seem to possess at least an above average level of strength and speed.

Zonge SlashA simple downward slash of Zonge's axe. It was able to cut a capture level 1 beast in 2.
Zonge SmashZonge hurls his axe at the intended target. However his only usage of this technique resulted in no damage whatsoever to his target and it bounced off.
Unnamed Fart TechniqueNot intended to be an actual attack, nevertheless it managed to startle a Surprise Apple to level 80. The surprise level is comparable to a missile strike.
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Name: Zonge
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Toriko #3
1st anime movie:
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