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Zombie-Loan is an anime series in the Zombie-Loan franchise
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A decent, original premise that sadly looks incomplete. Reviewed by Dream on June 13, 2011. Dream has written 157 reviews. His/her last review was for Parasyte -the maxim-. 317 out of 332 users recommend his reviews. 1 out of 1 user found this review helpful.
It's a bit of a shame that Zombie-Loan had to end as abruptly as it did considering I did find it quite entertaining to look into. The premise itself was quite original where Chika and Shito are being loaned life as zombies in exchange for hunting evil "illegal" zombies. The show effectively mixes serious and comedic moments as it looks into the various dealings that Shito, Chika and the other members of Zombie Loan deal with, particularly the chemistry between Shito and Chika as they don't exactly get along much of the time in the series. The show does do well enough in fleshing out the backgrounds of the two boys and Michiru and what led them to become clients to Zombie Loan thus it is easy to get some sort of connection with their characters. It also does well enough at covering the exact details surrounding zombies in the world of the series and the conditions surrounding Shito and Chika's deal in still being alive.

However with the anime being based on ongoing source material, Zombie-Loan definitely leaves the feel of being incomplete. Some characters have their backgrounds hinted upon yet are never explored and there are some lingering plot developments left hanging such as the presence of several groups serving as adversaries to the Zombie Loan group.

The presentation to Zombie-Loan does come across as a bit subpar. While scenery and character designs do have a decent amount of detail with subdued colors that fit in well with the supernatural feel the series gives off, the animation noticeably takes shortcuts and the series is nowhere as fluid and vivid as titles like Death Note and Moribito that aired in the same year. While the soundtrack does its part with having insert music tracks that fit in with the mood of specific scenes, none of it really sticks out. Not to mention that the OP and ED musical choices can be quite grating to the ears and are best to skip through.

Overall, Zombie-Loan proved to be enjoyable for me thanks to its original premise and chemistry between Shito, Chika and Michiru. However, it was quite clear this series had a bigger story that it didn't have the time to tell thus unless another season of Zombie-Loan comes out, the viewer is left to try continuing the series through the manga source material. It makes for a worthwhile watch, as long as you go into it knowing that you are only being exposed to one part of the series.
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