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The modern-day Japanese Kongo-class AEGIS destroyer Mirai ("Future") is transported back in time to the eve of the Battle of Midway and faced with the difficult decision to intervene in World War II or to sit back and watch its countrymen die in the battle.  
The commander initially adopts a strictly defensive position (itself an ironic pastiche of Japan's own postwar constitutional stance), only to find trouble coming his way when the crew inadvertently rescue Major Kusaka, an officer who was, historically, supposed to have died at Midway.  
After much bickering, the ship heads for Singapore, where executive officer Kadomatsu discovers that the presence of the Mirai has already altered the timeline too far for history to play out as they remember it.  
Consequently, after seven episodes of hand-wringing indecision, they decide to weigh in on the Japanese side, and set course for Guadalcanal.  
Ultimately, the Mirai is destined for a showdown involving the quintessential WWII vessel, the Yamato-see Star Blazers for its better-known appearance in an earlier anime. 
Based on the 2001 manga by Silent Service-creator Kaiji Kawaguchi, serialized in Comic Morning magazine, this series also owes obvious debts of inspiration to Don Taylor's Final Countdown (1980), in which an American aircraft carrier falls through time to witness Pearl Harbor, and the Sonny Chiba vehicle Time Slip (1981), in which modern Japanese soldiers stumble across time into Japan's civil war.  
Compare to Deep Blue Fleet.
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Name Zipang
Name: ジパング
Romaji: Jipangu
Publisher ?
Start Year 2004
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