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If this were a fanfic, then “Mary Sue” (or whatever the male equivalent is) would be the most apt term to describe the show's lead. It totally feels like there was some by-the-numbers show about a secret, telepathic military division (like FIRST SQUAD, perhaps?) which was re-written by a frustrated fan to include an invincible, flawless, inexplicable and thinly-explained protagonist who easily solves all the problems and humiliates all the characters.

And that isn’t actually a bad thing…!

Make no mistake, Mary Sue's can be the most eye-roll-inducing creatures in all of fiction - - and doubly so in amateur fiction. However, if all this stuff is supposed to be about escapism, then there’s something pure and infectiously cathartic about such shameless wish fulfillment.

In simpler terms, this was one seriously rad pilot, and it had some of the most kickass depictions of telekinesis I’ve seen in any anime. For as stimulating as it can be to analyze all the intellectual possibilities of a premise like this, there’s a lot to be said about something that just unapologetically delivers a parade of “Holy shit!” moments. There’s not much more to this pilot than a thin infiltration ruse and an explosive hostage rescue, but damn, if it wasn’t seriously enthralling.

After a glut of MMO fantasies started to seriously killing my buzz about this season, the general state of new shows is generally starting to look up between this and ROMAN. My only complaint, as it was with ROMAN, is the title has been rather lazily translated. Wouldn’t titling it “THE ULTIMATE” pack a lot more oomph, and better reflect the simple appeal of the show?

Watch this episode, "Paranormal Jailbreak -Schooler of deadlock" here and decide for yourself.

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Its a spin off of Zettai Karen Children which was pretty dam good or at least decent.It had a lighter tone but had bloody dark moments to. Where as Courtesy of Zettai Karen Children - The Unlimited - Hyobu Kyosuke is a darker cut .Because its main focus is Hyobu Kyosuke is this shows version of Magneto .No joke.

The 1st series had the feel of a cheecky version of 70s archie super hero comics ( where archie an the gang were super heroes) to xmen an X-Men: Days of the Future Past with some anime over the top moments.It was not bad at all.Tho in the 1st series Hyobu Kyosuke had a flying squirrel epser as his side kick more... no seriously.

This series is one of the few bright spots for me in winter 2013.

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oh man..... I love telekinesis! in any fiction of any kind, pretty much ever since Akira made it look so dam cool,

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I started watching this show myself recently as I am working on the anime wiki after seeing the trailer which showed me a couple days back. It definitely draws you in with possibilities and the willingness to shoot for them as far as what the characters can do.

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Emphasis on IF this is all about escapism, the best is not.

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I'm finally getting around to watching this. Really good first episode although extremely different in tone from the series it comes from, which is first and foremost a comedy (a slapstick and juvenile one at that) that every now and then gets dramatic. This one is like extreme violence and mostly serious.

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Gary Stu is the term

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