Death Note #7 - Zero

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 07/04/2005

Plot Summary

Proper Japanese Title: Zero (零)

Viz Edition Release Date: September 5, 2006

After a high-speed chase, Light and the task force apprehend the newest Kira. Light regains his Death Note and his memories, and the depths of his cunning are revealed as the plans he carefully put in place before going into confinement are slowly unveiled. His masterful manipulation of both humans and Shinigami lead him to the strongest position he's yet enjoyed. But the glow of his victory is marred when a new threat appears. Can Light withstand a surprise attack on two fronts?

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 53: Scream (悲鳴 "Himei")
  • Chapter 54: Inside (中 "Naka")
  • Chapter 55: Creation (創造 "Sōzō")
  • Chapter 56: Embrace (抱擁 "Hōyō")
  • Chapter 57: Two Choices (二択 "Nitaku")
  • Chapter 58: Feelings Within (胸中 "Kyōchū")
  • Chapter 59: Zero (零 "Zero")
  • Chapter 60: Kidnapping (誘拐 "Yūkai")
  • Chapter 61: Number Two (二番 "Niban")


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Tsugumi Ohba writer,
Takeshi Obata artist,



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