Zeorymer Hades Project

Zeorymer Hades Project is an anime movie
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Scientist Masaki Kihara rebels against his employers, the Haudragon crime syndicate. He destroys seven of the huge Hakkeshu robots he created for their top-secret Hades Project and hides the eighth and most powerful, the Zeorymer. Fifteen years later, the Haudragon have almost rebuilt the Hakkeshu, but the government has the Zeorymer and means to use it to thwart the criminals' plans. It needs the right pilot-a clone of its creator. Luckily, the government has one it had made earlier. Fifteen-year-old Masato is about to find out that his whole life so far has been a lie, and that he was created in a test tube for the sole purpose of going into battle as the pilot of the greatest war machine the world has ever seen. Unless he can destroy the Hakkeshu and thwart Haudragon's plans, the world will plunge into an abyss of nuclear destruction.

Hirano gives this dark, tense scenario all the menace and nastiness that he brought to Iczer-One a year earlier, while the atmosphere and design work foreshadow Kikuchi's later Silent Mö-bius. But there are no nasty alien in-vaders here-all the evil and suffering, as well as all the near-magical technology that created the magnificently spiky robots, is the work of humans; like Gundam, this reminds us that science fiction doesn't need aliens. Masato's emotional struggle and the near-disintegration of his personality are portrayed with melodramatic emphasis. This is a minor work by the standards of its stellar team but still has much of interest to offer. LV

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General Information Edit
Name: Zeorymer Hades Project
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1988
Romaji: Meio Kikaku Zeorymer
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 30 (mins)
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Aliases Hades Project Zeorymer
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