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Zeiram is a franchise comprised of 2 movies, 1 anime series
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An agent of Ghomvak Security & Investigations who is godd friends with Glen and Iria. He is severely injured by Zeiram on the Karma job and had his personality transferred to a computer by Puttubayh.

Dr. Touka

A scientist who researches and studies Zeiram.


A fellow hunter and friend to Iria and her brother Gren.


Iria's older brother who is a full fledged Bounty Hunter. He was assimilated by Zeiram after the Karma Job.


A young female Bounty Hunter who encountered the monster Zeiram with her older brother. He died while trying to kill the beast and has since swore an oath to avenge her brother and rid the universe of Zeiram.


An orphan child from the Shadow District of the resort planet Taowajan that Iria met.


The leader of the orphans from the Shadow District of planet Taowajan. He is friends with Kei and together they went to Myce. After arriving and meeting up with Iria, Komimasa was killed by the Zeiram clone of Gren while trying to give a weapon to Iria.


An immortal killing machine. It is the ultimate being and is virtually indestructible. In addition to being extremely powerful Zeiram can generate imperfect clones of itself to assist in battle.

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