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Zegapain is an anime series in the Zegapain franchise
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Zegapain Reviewed by Zabu_san on April 14, 2010. Zabu_san has written 5 reviews. His/her last review was for Zegapain. 3 out of 3 users recommend his reviews.
 So I really don't expect anyone to know what this series is cause no one knows what this series is...But you should, it is one of the best underrated mecha shows available.

Set in a Maihama (Urayasu, Chiba, Japan) our main character, Kyo Sogoru, is the leader of the swim club, and is determined to keep it part of Maihama High.

One day, he stumbles across a young girl preparing to dive into the pool, anxious to think she wants to join his dying swim club, he approaches her and she utters something unintelligible and dives never to resurface.
As the day continues he asks others of the girl atop the diving board, his peers assure him she doesn't exist and with video proof further proving her non-existence, he confides in his neighbor and best friend, Ryoko Kaminagi.

Later that evening he his transported to alternate dimension and forced to pilot a giant, fluorescent colored mech named Zegapain. At first he is hesitant but quickly finds himself incredibly comfortable and familiar with controlling and piloting the mecha.
After his first mission is a success he is returned to his world and his life is changed forever...

Driven into a world reminiscent of his own and he is his stricken with memories of the people he met in the other dimension, he need to piece all this together as well as protect one world to protect the other...

Reviewers will say nothing but great things about this series, basically: "...Matrix in anime form..."

I couldn't agree anymore with this statement, it really hits the mark. With quite a few twists and turns and incredible character development for a short series, it's a rare gem, in an already dominated genre. If you can find it, please watch it and share in the brilliance that is, Zegapain...!!
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