Zebra and warden Love

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How is it possible that Zebra is the only one who isn't affected by Love's power. Is it possible that he is using his voice shield all the time to avoid being affected by random powers? ...and is it possible that his shield is capable of stopping that ability in the first place?

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Perhaps his strong will or personality. Pheromones only influence the mind. They don't necessarily control it. It's possible to overrule their influence with a strong enough will I would imagine. Needless to say Zebra has a very strong personality. In fact he's the only person so far that I recall regaining his full power by force of will, triggered by his rage. Toriko can do the same thing but it's a technique and there's a crash when it's done, kind of like a caffeine crash.
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@taichokage: Does that mean she is completely useless against top tier characters? I think I saw her in that war for GOD against the Gourmet Corps...

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@bigz007: He's a badass, badasses don't let something as silly as pheramones control them XD

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@Jinbeifan1: Yeah, you're right... Pheromones were getting cocky : )

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