Zebra is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Zebra is a major character and one of the 4 Heavenly Kings.


Not much is known about Zebra's past. While delivering food to a poverty stricken country, Ichiryuu and Mansam four young orphaned children Zebra, Toriko, Coco, Sunny. Noticing the potential he saw in the young children, Ichiryuu decided to take them in and train them in the ways of the Bishokuya. Zebra presumably injected with gourmet cells and underwent harsh training alongside Sunny, Toriko and Coco. After the training Zebra went on to become known as of the Four Heavenly Kings, for discovering ingredients in the Gourmet Age.


Zebra is created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro as one of the supporting characters.


Since Zebra's introduction, he has changed somewhat. While still very brutal and intimidating in nature, Zebra was convinced by Komatsu to stop killing beasts unless it was for the sake of eating. In the past Zebra would carelessly kill beasts if they were in the way even though he could easily cause them to flee with his power. Zebra also atoned for his unbelievable gluttonous behavior that had sent entire species to extinction, by discovering new ingredients that were previously not known.


Zebra is an incredibly large and muscular man. He is physically the largest of the Four Heavenly Kings, towering over even the very large Toriko. He has slicked back dark purple hair and a large number of vertical wrinkles on his forehead, which plays in large part to his almost constant scowl. Zebra's most distinct trademark feature is a large ragged tear from his lips all the way to his ear on the left side of his face, exposing all the teeth on that side. Although it hasn't been addressed, it is hinted the tear may have been caused at some point when he overused a voice technique and opening his mouth too wide.


Zebra is a violent, cruel fighter, especially when enraged, and cannot see a bad opportunity to pick a fight. After his release, he went back among the other inmates of the Honey Prison and killed the ones who had been talking about him behind his back. Zebra is described as the most savage of the Four Heavenly Kings, he is someone who does not stop until even the 'seed' is annihilated. A single attack from Zebra caused all the scars on the Gourmet Mafia leader Match's body. Of the Four K ings, he only gets along with Toriko, who seems to understand him the best, as Sunny and even Coco blatantly refused to see him for his release when suggested to do so by Toriko. Zebra especially hates "cocky people", and is shown to be hotheaded and belligerent, always wanting to fight or compete with Toriko.

In spite of his negative qualities, Zebra is not without his own code of honor in that he never harms innocent bystanders, or allowing them to come to harm in either. However, he typically claims such conduct for very personal reasons, like the perpetrator being "too cocky", or that civilians were in the way of battle.


  • Toriko - Zebra seems to have the most in common with Toriko out of the Heavenly Kings, both being the larger members as well as having the greater appetites and battle experience when compared with Coco and Sunny. The are easily prone to bickering though.
  • Coco - Perhaps due to Coco's mature demeanor, Zebra does not argue with Coco to anywhere near the extent as the other 2 Heavenly Kings. Despite this, Coco refused to meet Zebra upon his release just like Sunny did.
  • Sunny - Perhaps the least similar to Zebra out of the Heavenly Kings. They bicker practically every time they speak to one another and Zebra's crude brutish ways are in direct contrast to Sunny's graceful and beatifying habits.
  • Komatsu - Zebra seems to have a soft spot for Komatsu. While he is still not above intimidating and frightening Komatsu, Zebra holds Komatsu's skill in very high esteem to the point where he continually tries to convince Komatsu to defect from his combo with Toriko to become his partner instead. He also goes to troublesome lengths to protect Komatsu from harm.

Story Arcs

Mellow Cola Arc

Toriko along with Komatsu arrived near Honey Prison by train. Despite Coco and Sunny being with them up to that point, both bluntly refused to accompany him in welcoming Zebra out of Prison. Upon exiting the train, Zebra from within the prison several kilometers away could hear them with his amazing hell ears. When Toriko mentioned that he hoped the gifts that he brought along for Zebra would be enough, only to have Zebra project his voice from afar angrily telling him it wasn't even close to enough. Upon entering the prison, Toriko and Komatsu meet the warden of the prison, Love. She was reluctant to release Zebra, but not because of his potential threat to the world, but rather because she had fallen in love with him. When they finally reach Zebra's cell, he is chained to four giant beasts one on each limb. Toriko told Komatsu to cover his ears and Zebra shouted, knocking out all four beasts and shattering his chains. Toriko scolded him for his careless use of his power, but Zebra claimed he was just waking Toriko up. Then he left his cell. Komatsu asked where Zebra was going, to which Toriko told him that Zebra was going to kill all the prisoners who had talked about him behind his back since he could hear everything within the prison.

The news of Zebra's release quickly spread throughout Human World. Zebra was considered such a threat to the food resources of the world that whole countries went on high alert status and countries that were at war abruptly ended them as they considered Zebra an even greater threat.

After presumably killing the prisoners who had talked about him, Zebra, who was covered in blood meets back up with Toriko and Komatsu in a dining hall, frightening the latter. Zebra plays on Komatsu's fear and threatens to eat him, but Toriko grabbed him and told him not to threaten his partner. Zebra threatened to fight with Toriko but then Warden Love used her pheromone control ability and calmed Toriko down although it could not affect Zebra. Nevertheless the fight was averted and they sit down to eat a meal prepared by Komatsu. Warden Love then explains to Zebra the conditions for his release, but Zebra ignored her and instead questioned Toriko about the ingredient they were intending to capture. Toriko explains to Zebra about the Mellow Cola that according to Ichiryuu, their adoptive father, it was the tastiest cola in the world. Zebra's interest was captured and he agreed to accompany Toriko to retrieve it. After the meal, they set to leave the prison for good, but they are warned about the current season by Ohban, the assistant Warden. He tells them that it is the season of the beasts and that numerous powerful beasts were gathering on the plains outside the massive prison. Without flinching Zebra finally exits the prison and observes the spectacle of swarms of colossal beasts including the giant Magma Tortoise. But Zebra simply charges an attack and annihilates nearly all the beasts present. Only the Magma Tortoise remained. Zebra fired a Voice missile at it, killing the beast and leveled a giant portion of the country side.

A short time later, the trio travel to a nearby town where they purchase camels for the remainder of the trip. Zebra is soon surrounded by a crowd of people praising his name, saying that his release caused many hostilities around the world to cease abruptly due to their fear of Zebra. The trio then proceed on their journey, traveling through the Sand Gardens desert. They encounter beasts and tremendous heat along the way, but Zebra deals with the beasts, scaring the beasts away rather than killing them due to Komatsu's request of Zebra not needlessly killing anymore. However when they were dealing with the immense heat of the desert, it was so intense that it created a mirage type of effect and neither Zebra not Toriko immediately noticed that Komatsu had fallen off the Camel. Zebra utilized his echolocation ability, and found that Komatsu had somehow fallen a great distance underneath them. They go after him and find that Komatsu had unintentionally led them to the famed Gourmet Pyramid which was their destination. It was a 500 meter tall pyramid but Zebra knew that Komatsu was somehow underneath them rather than ahead or above. Once at the pyramid, Zebra used his echolocation once more and was shocked to find that the giant pyramid was noting more than the tip of a steeple from an underground gargantuan structure. They enter the pyramid, Zebra now passively using his echolocation to know Komatsu's whereabouts. This allowed him to sense beasts that were in the pyramid and even from kilometers away, Zebra protected Komatsu by firing Roar Bullets at said creatures. However, echolocation was a very strenuous technique to maintain and Zebra's voice was weaning. The duo make their way through the maze-like pyramid getting closer and closer to Komatsu's position and killing and devouring all beasts that they came across to replenish their energy reserves. Komatsu eventually made his way to a large chamber, and was startled to find that therein lurked the Salamander Sphinx, the creature of origin for the Mellow Cola with a Capture level of 92. But before anything could happen to Komatsu, Zebra and Toriko come crashing into the chamber from above, finally catching up to Komatsu. They then engage the beast in combat. It was a very difficult battle and not only were the Kings growing weary, but they were not able to figure out what or where the cola was from the Salamander Sphinx. Komatsu tells them that he could decipher how to extract the cola from the Salamander Sphinx by interpreting the recipe book that he had found in the pyramid while separated from Toriko and Zebra. Komatsu then gives specific instructions on how to attack the beast which Zebra and Toriko manage with great difficulty, the final blow being pummeling the beast's tail. After the conditions had been met, the Salamander Sphinx began to cry profusely, letting out a gushing stream from it's eyes. This was in fact the mellow cola, the key all along being to get the beast to cry. Just as they were rejoicing at their success, a Nitro suddenly appeared attacking all 3 of the members of the group knocking both Zebra and Toriko into an incapacitated state, and Komatsu only surviving due to a sound shield Zebra had placed around him beforehand. The Nitro then consumes the cola itself, and it's physique begins to bulge, growing far more muscular. But the Heavenly Kings were not finished just yet. Zebra's rage was activated and he gained a second wind. Likewise, Toriko used Autophagy which temporarily restores Toriko's energy and the two commence another harsh battle. It was an even more brutal fight than the Salamander Sphinx, but Zebra managed to kill the creature with his most powerful technique Shioto, which causes death to any who hear the noise, or in Zebra's words, the "steps of the Grim Reaper'.

The group then gather around the Salamander Sphinx. Komatsu revealed that what the Nitro had consumed was not even the real mellow cola and that the best was yet to come. Indeed the Salamander Sphinx yet again burst into tears, releasing an eve bigger stream than before. All three then proceed to drink the cola and Toriko and Zebra immediately regain their vitality. Zebra was so impressed with the Mellow Cola that he decided to make it the first dish of his Full Course.

Bubble Fruit Arc

Zebra is next seen meeting with Toriko, Komatsu, Rin and the other Heavenly Kings at Pot Pond. They had all gathered there at Ichiryuu's recommendation. The goal was to capture the elusive Madam Fish located within Pot Pond. Zebra makes small talk with Komatsu then reveals his progress on his full course, now having 5 dishes decided. After that, everyone goes to look for the Madam Fish individually aside from Rin who opted to go with Toriko. Zebra utilized his echolocation ability to locate the fish. Eventually he gets a lock on it and heads towards his position. However once there, Zebra finds that the other 3 Heavenly Kings, utilizing their own incredible senses had coincidentally all arrived at the same time. But even more shocking than that was then when thy got to the position, Komatsu was already there. He didn't know that his position was correct but he was guided there by his incredible Food Luck, which greatly surprised the Heavenly Kings. Komatsu then has a bite on his fishing line. Afterwards, the Kings begin bickering over who should be credited of finding the Madam Fish first. They eat most of the Madam Fish, but Zebra ate too much and Toriko was unable to recover enough to utilize for his Ehou Maki Roll that Monchy was to prepare in order to locate Shokurin Temple.

Four Beast Arc

At the summoning of Ichiryuu, Zebra meets up with his brothers to receive instructions from the former via a video recording. Ichiryuu informed them that the notorious Four Beast had been revived and would be heading to Human World shortly. It was up to the four of them to defeat the beast as he was unable to due to his ongoing mission in the Gourmet World. Ichiryuu told the Kings that 4 powerful beasts would invade and would threaten the entire human world, but Zebra turned off the recording before the President finished his message. At that moment, Zebra's partner beast, the Daruma Horse approached them, making it's first appearance. It towered over the 330 story Fork and Knife towers and startled everyone present. Once the horse had arrived, the Four Heavenly Kings departed to hunt down the Four Beasts. After an utter failure on the part of the armies of the world to take down the Four Beasts, the Four Heavenly Kings simultaneously arrived at the four individual beasts' locations. Zebra was paired against the colossal Mount Turtle, the largest of the Four mammoth beasts. After a scuffle, all Four Heavenly Kings defeated their respective beast opponents, all being unscathed, Zebra via a beat punch that shattered the volcano shell of Mount Turtle. But their victory was short lived as suddenly, all Four Beasts dashed away underground, heading towards the center of Human World. All Four Kings followed after them and arrived shortly after, but it was too late. What had happened was that the Four Beasts were not actually Four individual beasts, rather "limbs" of a single beast that was hidden away in the Center of Human World. At it's command all of it's limbs returned to it and were reabsorbed. The fact that the Four Beasts were actually one beast was actually mentioned by Ichiryuu in the recording, but they had missed that part of the message due to Zebra turning it off early.

Now the Heavenly Kings all together were to square off against the real Four Beast. After a brutal battle, the Four Beast was simply too powerful and it dominated the battle, leaving all Four Heavenly Kings bloodied and battered. This perhaps would have been the end of the battle, but Terry, Kiss and Quinn, the beast partners of Toriko, Coco and Sunny respectively stepped in while their masters were down. This brought the Heavenly Kings some time and they remembered a technique that Ichiryuu had taught them long ago, but it required time and all four of their energies to combine. While their partner beasts held back the Four Beast and nearly dying in the process, The Four Heavenly King together created the Oushoku Bansan technique, composed of pure appetite energy. Once ready, they launched the power at the Four Beast. Despite it's effort to fight it, there was nothing that the Four Beast could do. The Oushoku Bansan was a relentless attack that would never stop until it had eaten the entirety of its target and indeed, the Four Beast was completely consumed by the Oushoku Bansan.

Afterwards, all of the Humans that the Four Beasts had swallowed were miraculously freed and the Oushoku Bansan had taken on the properties of the Four Beast's flesh. The Four Heavenly Kings consumed the flesh, which powered up their Gourmet Cells and they shared the meat with all the Humans present, totaling approximately 100,000,000.

Cooking Festival Arc

Zebra with Toriko, Coco and Sunny arrived at the famous Cooking Festival held once every four years to decide who the greatest chef in the world is. Komatsu had just recently entered into the top 100 ranked Chefs in the world and was thus qualified to enter the tournament. Despite the fact that the Kings were there to support Komatsu, the true reason was because the Four Kings and very few others knew of an imminent invasion from the Bishokukai to steal as many of the greatest chefs as possible.

After the preliminaries which Komatsu was able to pass, he entered into the championships round. He was paired against the number 1 ranked Chef Zaus inside of a cooking tent with no lights, the purpose being to show the best of their cooking skills without the ability to see. However before the match could even begin, Bishokukai Vice Head Chef Starjun somehow appeared in the tent, aiming to take Komatsu. Simultaneously, the entirety of the Bishokukai located in Human world invaded the island to kidnap the other great chefs. Zebra and Coco immediately attacked Starjun from the audience as they could sense his presence, but Starjun countered their attacks. However, Toriko personally rushed to the tent and engaged Starjun in a brutal battle. All the Heavenly Kings aside from Zebra as well as the numerous powerful chefs engaged the Bishokukai in combat. Zebra was temporarily unable to as Toriko had asked him to remove the 100,000,000 million civilians from the audience to safety using his voice. Zebra did so but it took some time. After finally finishing, Zebra immediately went to the rescue of Chiru, Yuda and other Chefs who were about to be overwhelmed by an army of Scum Beasts. Zebra used the Shioto technique and instantly killed the lot of them, greatly impressing the chefs present. He then disposed of Bur and Zaragira, both senior Bishokukai members with one attack each, killing them both, and then went on to face off against the more powerful Red Nitro. Zebra bombarded them with a flurry of attacks. Despite the Nitro's incredible life force that allowed them to take severe punishment, they could do nothing to stop Zebra and were utterly beaten.

Shortly after that, Dark Chef Joa and a brainwashed Saiseiya Teppei, arrived from the sky, flying atop the Tokage beast. After hearing of their intent to attack, Zebra attacked them with a voice, but Teppei, who had managed to capture Zebra in the past, blocked his attack with a Sound Insulation Tree and bound Zebra using the Earthquake Resistant Root, halting his movements and shutting his mouth and thus preventing him from using his voice. Luckily, Gourmet Living National Treasure Setsuno was present and she engaged Joa in combat, but even she was not match for him. As Setsuno was on the brink of defeat, Knocking Master Jirou abruptly arrived and took on Joa. The mighty man used Grand knocking and shook the entire planet, freezing everyone present aside from Joa and Setsuno. But Joa countered with God Cooking and neutralized even the combined might of Jirou and Setsuno. But before any closure to the battle at Cooking Island could occur, Bishokukai Boss Midora's Meteor Spice technique fell upon the Human world. As everyone present struggled to defend against the destruction, Joa and his subordinates, as well as the Bishokukai retreated.

Days later, Zebra and Sunny meet with Coco to discuss the current situation as well as Coco's hypothesis for the origin of Gourmet cells. Toriko was supposed to be present, but he was too depressed to show his face due to his loss against Vice head Chef Starjun, of which Zebra felt no sympathy for him since this resulted in Komatsu being kidnapped.

Billion Bird Arc

Approximately a year and a half after the events of Cooking Island, Zebra, Sunny, Coco and Mansam are present at the first Biotope to welcome Toriko and Komatsu back to Human World. Rin also showed up and bluntly proposed to Toriko, who accepted immediately, much to everyone's shock. Afterwards, the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu all head out to look for the final ingredient in Ichiryuu's Full Course. Zebra had failed to locate it as did Coco and Sunny. However Toriko's nose was able to pick up the scent of the president from years back and he followed the scent to the invisible "Restroom", wherein was located the last ingredient of Ichiryuu's Full course. They retrieved the ingredient and left. The ingredient was the Billion Bird Egg, and all the other course ingredients were for the sole purpose of hatching it, and if even one ingredient or step were skipped, it would not hatch. Despite Zebra's idea of smashing the egg open, they went with the proper way and waited for it to hatch. After days of waiting, the billion bird was finally born and it immediately laid an immense amount of eggs which in turn laid countless more. This was the countermeasure that Ichiryuu had taken against Midora's Meteor Spice technique that destroyed most of the food in Human World. Now the world had an unlimited supply of food. But Komatsu unintentionally went a step further. By complimenting the Billion Bird, it sprouted wings, flew away but left a special type of egg behind. Later on, Zebra, Komatsu and the other Heavenly Kings sat down to sample the special egg. It was compatible with their Gourmet Cells and they all temporarily had an immense hair growth. Toriko was so impressed that he made it the drink on his Full Course.

A short time later, The Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu decided that the five of them would travel into Gourmet World and act as a group for the first time since the Four Beast incident. But before they left, they paid a final visit to the First Biotope "Restroom". Inside was a tree-house made of a certain type of Gourmet World tree. after multiple embarrassing attempts at getting inside, Zebra personally failing twice, Komatsu discovered a simple window that was open and the group entered. They were shocked to find a Nitro inside sitting in a chair. What's more, this Nitro named Chichi could speak and claimed that it was Ichiryuu's old combo partner, which shocked everyone present greatly, only for him to immediately claim that he was lying.

Powers & Abilities

Superhuman Physiology:

Zebra is immensely strong, perhaps as strong or even stronger than Toriko physically.


Hell Ears:

Zebra has an incredibly acute sense of hearing. Zebra can hear slight noises for tens of kilometers around him and this is enhanced further when he utilizes Echolocation. He can even hear whether or not someone is lying to him, which is something he hates with a passion. His hearing developed to seemingly supernatural levels and he claims he can actually hear the death of an opponent beforehand.

Food Honor:

Zebra learned Food Honor Etiquette by unknown means. Although given Zebra's personality, some speculate that he may have learned the inverse version of the technique "Food Pressure" which brings about the same results but by commanding ingredients to obey rather than expressing gratitude to them. Those who acquire Food Honor learn:

Correction of Movement:

Which gives the user proper movement and etiquette. It allows one to eat special etiquette ingredients that otherwise are impossible to eat, as well as superior movement and accuracy to their physical performance

Food Immersion:

This allows the user to store otherwise impossible amounts of energy by eating outrageous amounts of food, and storing all of the energy. This gives the user an incredibly higher amount of stamina. For instance, Toriko's stamina was increased by nearly 10 times when he first acquired the skill.

Hunting Method:

Zebra's primary method of hunting and attacking is his voice. It is incredibly powerful and has a variety of uses. Because of this power, Zebra is considered the most powerful and destructive of the Four Heavenly Kings.

Offensive TechniquesMoves
Sound Bazooka
Sound Bazooka
The first technique that Zebra shows and a technique of mass destruction. Zebra charges his voice and lets out a shout. At the time of the Cooking Festival Arc, it was powerful enough to send a powerful shock wave beyond Cooking stadium, which had an area of 35 square kilometers.
Voice MissileA concentrated sound blast. Zebra has shown to be able to concentrate it to the point of not damaging the terrain around him and only affecting the intended target. Contrarily, his first use of the technique caused so much damage that the impending explosion was many times greater in size than Honey Prison, a structure so large that it contains 100,000,000 million people and many giant beasts.
Voice BurstSeemingly similar to Voice Missile, but wider. When used against Mount Turtle, it enveloped the beast's entire body, which was the size of a real mountain, but not due to an explosion like the Voice Missile.
Thunder NoiseZebra shoots his voice into the sky where it charges. It then rains down on the victim, akin to several strikes of lightning.
Voice BreathZebra launches a small wave of his voice towards the target. Rather than causing widespread damage, it causes immense pressure. When he used this technique on Zaragira, it crushed the latter's head into his chest and caused his body to explode due to the immense pressure.
Meteor NoiseA more powerful version of Thunder Noise, with longer charge time but much greater damage.
Voice Meteor ShowerA mass version of Meteor Noise. Zebra creates several Meteors of Noise and showers them down on the target.
Sound KnuckleZebra surrounds his fist with vibrations and punches at the target without the need to make contact with the body. It sends a small concentrated shock wave through the victim's body.
Machine Gun VoiceSimilar to Thunder Noise but smaller in scale and power. Zebra does not need to launch his voice into the sky like Thunder noise, rather he simply shoots "bullets" of sound at the target directly from his mouth.
Voice CutterVibrations concentrated into razor like projectile. These deal sharp damage like powerful blade attacks rather than brute force like most of Zebra's techniques.
Beat PunchA highly concentrated attack with devastating effects. Zebra channels vibrations into his fist and strikes the opponent. The vibrations continue reverberating through the body and destroys the internal organs. With one use of Beat Punch, Zebra shattered Mount Turtle's Volcano shell to bits and likewise, caused Bishokukai member Gur's internal organs to spew out of his body.
ShiotoZebra claimed that he had witnessed death so much, that he learned to hear and recognize the footsteps of the Grim Reaper. Thus with his voice, Zebra emulates that sound and death follows immediately to all who heat it. Zebra exterminated an army of Scum Beasts merely by producing this sound.

Other Media:

Zebra appears in:

  • One Piece x Toriko Crossover (Anime & Manga)
  • One Piece x Toriko x Dragonball (Movie)
  • Toriko Gourmet Monsters (Game)
  • Toriko Gourmet Survival II (Game)
  • Toriko Gourmet Academy (Manga Spin-off)
  • Jump Stars Victory VS (game [Zebra has been pre - cast to appear in the game as one of 2 playable Toriko characters, the other being Toriko himself])
General Information Edit
Name: Zebra
Name: ゼブラ
Romanji: Zebura
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Toriko #14
1st anime episode: Toriko #54
1st anime movie:
Aliases Zebura
Recent Movies
Gekijō-ban Toriko Bishokushin no Special Menu

A movie based on the anime series, Toriko.

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