Zaus is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Zaus is one of the greatest chefs in the world, whos skill is only matched by the equally famous Gourmet National Treasure, Setsuno. He is currently ranked 1st by the IGO Chef Ranking and is a member of the Organization NEO.


Zaus' origins like many are largely unknown. However he is most recently recognized at the Super Cook, the title given to the highest ranked Chef in the world. The title lasts for four years until the next Cooking Festival where the top 100 Chefs compete for the title. Zaus has won the title fourteen times, the second most times in history second only to his rival Gourmet Living National Treasure Setsuno, who won the title a record twenty-nine times.


Zaus is created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi as an important secondary character for the series Toriko.



Zaus is an elderly man of fair height with long white hair in a single large braid, and a full beard and mustache. He has three scars on the right side of his face of unknown origin.


Setsuno - Prior to being brainwashed by Dark Chef Joa, Zaus shared an ongoing rivalry with fellow legendary Chef Setsuno, spanning decades if not centuries. After being manipulated, Zaus has become antagonistic towards Setsuno and attempted to kill her. However that ended in failure.

Story Arcs

Cooking Festival Arc

Zaus along with his fellow 99 other top ranked chefs attend the legendary Cooking Festival. After passing all the preliminaries, leading the way alongside Setsuno, Yuda and Brunch, Zaus reaches the Championship Rounds. His first opponent being Chef Komatsu. However, before the two can even commence, the Bishokukai invasionof the Cooking Festival started, with Vice Head Chef Starjun personally arriving in the tent where Zaus and Komatsu were to compete, and disregarding all but Komatsu, set the tent ablaze. Zaus was seemingly burnt to cinders from this. However he later shows himself to be uninjured when he along with Gourmet Hermit Kousairou ambushes Setsuno, who was distracted with her battle against Chiyo. It was a failed attempt though, and Setsuno survived all of their attacks easily. Setsuno realizes that this was not Zaus' own will, but that he along with Kousairou were likely being manipulated by Joa. Despite this, she had little choice but to continue battling the trio. Zaus, while not defeated, was unable to defeat Setsuno even with the assistance of Kousairou and Kuribou, but at some point during their battle, Joa himself arrived and intervened. He dominated even Setsuno but this was stopped by the sudden arrival of Knocking Master Jirou. In anger, Jirou used his Grand Knocking technique and knocked everybody on the island, freezing their movements. Only Joa and Setsuno seemed to be unaffected. Zaus too was halted and he quivered in fear at the Legendary Jirou's power, saying that the whole island was knocked. But Yuda corrected him, saying that the entire planet was halted for a brief instant. After scuffling with Jirou and Setsuno, Midora's Meteor Spice technique was spotted heading towards them. Joa decided it was time to leave and he released his Tokage beast to retrieve all member of his organization Neo, including the brainwashed Zaus, before the island was completely leveled by the Meteor Spice.

Powers & Abilities

Ittou: Rinne Oroshi: Zaus slashes down upon the target with his cooking knife. It can seemingly bypass what Zaus chooses and will only cut what he wishes. This was seen when he cut through both Setsuno and Kuribou, but only Setsuno was harmed. It is such a deep wound that any injury left behind assuming the victim survives, is engrained into their genetics and will leave a scar of the same origin on their descendants for several generations.

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Name: Zaus
Name: ザウス
Romanji: Zausu
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases King of Cooking
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