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Zatch Bell is an anime series in the Zatch Bell franchise
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Brago is a teenage mamodo with a rough, antisocial attitude and a goth-like appearence, wearing black clothing and having a pale complexion. Brago is very quiet and is rarely seen socializing with other mamodos.


Kanchome is Parco Folgore's partner.

Kiyo Takamine

Kiyo Takamine was once a snobbish young genius until his father sent him what was a young boy named Zatch Bell. They became friends, and together they entered the King's Tournament.

Megumi Oumi

Megumi Oumi is the human partner of Tio. Together they entered the King's Tournament. She is also a famous pop idol, and expert in Judo and Akido.

Parco Folgore

Folgore is a world famous super star and Kanchome's partner. His hit song is "Groping Breasts".


A Mamodo that is partnered with Uri. Penny has the ability to manipulate water and has an obsessive love with Zatch.



Sherry Belmont

Suzy Mizuno


Tia is the Mamodo of Megumi Oumi. They entered the King's Tournament, and she is along time friend of Zatch Bell.

Zatch Bell

Zatch Bell is the son of the Mamodo King, and enters the King's Tournament with his human partner Kiyo Takamine.

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