Zanpakutou Concepts

Zanpakutou is a anime/manga thing
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A Hollow that has removed its mask and has gained Shinigami-like powers


Ban-Kai is a zanpakutou's final form. It means "Full Release'"

Captain (Bleach)

The highest level of soldier in Soul Society. Each Captain is served by a Lieutenant, and is in charge of an aspect of Soul Society's structure


The Espada are the highest ranked Arrancar in Sosuke Aizens army.


Explosions are featured in a wide array of anime/manga, created from various weapons/attacks.

Gotei 13

The Gotei 13 are the elite Captain and Lieutenants of the Soul Society's Soul Reaper army. Split into 13 different divisions, they keep the peace and battle the Hollows.


Hollowfication is a forbidden processes where a Soul Reaper obtains powers similar to a Hollow.


One of the four basic forms of Shinigami combat.

Lieutenant (Bleach)

The second highest rank in Soul Society. Each Lieutenant serves under a captain


Power-Up is a concept that usually comes after training.


Shikai is the first form of a Soul Reaper's Zanpakuto. It's initiated by calling out the release command followed by the Zanpakutos name.


Shinigami are death gods, a recurring concept in multiple anime, notably in Bleach and Death Note


A group of shinigami who have obtained powers of a hollow. Except Ichigo, all of the members are former captains and lieutenants of the Gotei 13.


One of the main forms of Shinigami Combat

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