Zanjutsu is a anime/manga concept
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One of the main forms of Shinigami Combat

This is the main and most used form of combat for a Shinigami, It involves fighting with a zanpakutō and using various special techniques. The basic forms of Zanjutsu is the basic skills of a swordsman and how to fight with a zanpakutō. There are more advance forms when one unlocks their Shikai and Bankai states of their zanpakutō's. When they activate one of these their swords change form and have access to many abilities.

Zanjutsu is used by all Shinigami including the Vizards. It is also seen used by the Hollow  Arrancar who are Hollows who have gained Shinigami powers and have obtained a zanpakutō. Instead of Shikai and Bankia a Arrancar can use Resurrecciōn which unlocks the Hollows Sealed form.

The two main catogories of Zanjutsu are Experts and Masters, Masters are normally Captain ranked and some Vice Captains who have excelled and mastered the art of Zanjutsu making them truly powerful in Zanjutsu combat, they have also gained Bankai and have mastered their zanpakutō in Bankai form. Experts are normally Vice captain level Shinigami who have unlocked their Shikai state of their zanpakutō, mastering the Shikai release of their blade.
General Information Edit
Concept Name Zanjutsu
Japanese Name: 斬術
Romaji Name: Zanjutsu
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