Zanaffar Armor

Zanaffar Armor is a anime/manga thing
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Zanaffar Armor is an armor that protect the user from magic at a cost

The Zanaffar Armor fully insulates the wearer from the astral plane, preventing any attack from that plane to fail. Thus, no shamanistic or black magic can't harm the wearer. Only the purely physical attacks, but the armor is so strong that it will target the body parts that is unprotected. If it is desired to directly address the protection, it will be a blow by using a material or a force greater than the resistance of the armor. This is possible with legendary weapons like the Sword Of Light or another way is a high-level Mazoku is able to produce enough miasma of its body powerful enough to pierce the armor. Perfectly mastered, the Zanaffar Armor offer the luxury of supplying extra arms

Organic matter, the Zanaffar Armor of primitive intelligence, whose thinking is structured around two primary goals, to survive and reproduce but Dragons and Elves can reduce the desires of the armor, it's not the case for humans.

When the guild of wizards from Sairaag tried to produce a Zanaffar Armor relying on written of the Claire Bible, the culmination of their work took precedence over the sorcerers and began to act independently, growing by assimilating knowledge carriers fallen. The armor and became Zanaffar The Silver Beast, who was defeated by a holder of the Sword Of Light.

Zanaffar Armor, especially those produced by humans, scare Mazoku. It offer a high quality protection to the Elves and Dragons and produce a Zanaffar in the hands of humans, cause a risk to the Mazoku race. One Zanaffar can destroy an army of low-level Mazoku. Thus, to curb the scourge, one of the missions of Xellos is to destroy the copies of the Claire Bible. Also be aware that the isolation of the astral plane offered by armor can cause problems for the wearer to. The wearer of the armor is unable to use magic. Similarly, if a Mazoku forced to wear the armor will be cut off from all his astral body, preventing it from using its full powers

General Information Edit
Thing Name Zanaffar Armor
Japanese Name: ザナッファー
Romaji Name: Fūma Sōkō Zanaffā
1st manga book: Slayers Revolution #1
1st anime episode: Slayers Revolution #5
1st anime movie:
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