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The last descendants of an extraterrestrial race take refuge on 19th-century Earth when their homeworld of Bial is destroyed by the treacherous Gaizoku. Several generations later, a Gaizoku advance force led by "Killer the Butcher" attacks Earth, and the local population accuses the descendants of the original refugees of bringing down trouble on the planet. They decide to use the ships their fathers arrived in to fight the mechanical monsters. These ships include the giant robot Zambot 3, made up by combining three different machines. Young Kappei, the robot's pilot, is assisted by Uchita and Keiko. The enemy has a very nasty way of killing; they implant explosive devices in their prisoners' bodies and can set them off at any time, even after the prisoners have returned to their homes and families. The tragic climax has Uchita and Keiko killed in a valiant effort to fight off the enemy, presaging the angst to come in Tomino's Gundam, for which this can reasonably be regarded as a test run. Notable for beginning as a lighthearted parody of earlier robot shows, before descending into tragedy-compare with Gunbuster and Evangelion. V

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General Information Edit
Name Zambot 3
Romaji: Muteki Chojin Robot Zambot 3
Publisher ?
Start Year 1977
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Aliases Invincible Superman Zambot 3
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