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A busty female teacher at a Japanese high school in the Maid Bride manga, Yuuko becomes involved with Kishita, one of her current students who harbors strong feelings for her. By the end of their two chapter story, they are together in a quasi-relationship having sex together.


A stern, confident teacher at the high school that she teaches at, Yuuko is the main female character of Chapters Eight and Nine of the Maid Bride manga and the major crush of one Kishita, a student in her classes. After struggling to get her bra to cooperate with her massive breasts and realizing that she will be late for her classes, she rushes off towards the school without wearing a bra, relying on the fact that her inverted nipples will not show through her white shirt. She reaches her class just in the nick of time, much to the shock of her students, who can see her breasts through her shirt since she worked up quite the sweat racing against the clock to be on time. This is the first of several major (and shocking) events that lead to her getting into a quasi-relationship with Kishita by the end of their story in Chapter Nine.

Early Years

Not much is known about the early years of Yuuko prior to the events of the Maid Bride manga, but what is known is that she is a single woman who teaches classes at the high school and lives a modest, lonely life at home. She is always on time, never steps out of line, and goes about life with confidence. She is currently unaware of the strong feelings that her student Kishita harbors for her, and is currently dealing with issues involving her massive breasts (which have gotten so big, her biggest bra will not fit on her anymore).

Story Arcs

Yuuko's Involvement in the Maid Bride Manga (Chapter Eight: Teacher! It's Transparent!)

Chapter Eight (Teacher! It's Transparent!)
Chapter Eight (Teacher! It's Transparent!)

The story begins with a frustrated Yuuko struggling to get her bra on at her house, disappointed that she can not hook her bra on due to her massive breasts. Already late on her schedule due to sleeping in and running short on time before her first classes begin, Yuuko rushes out of her room and off towards school, her bra left behind in her rush to leave. Meanwhile, the students in her class await the arrival of their teacher, discussing amongst themselves as to what may have happened to their teacher. At this point, the main male character Kishita is first introduced, talking with his friend and saying that he hopes that his teacher was not involved in a car crash, which causes his friend to laugh and tell him to confess his feelings to her already. About this time, the sound of approaching footsteps are heard from the hallway, and the class knows that it is the arrival of their teacher to class, just on the nick of time before the bell chimes for classes to begin. Yuuko rushes into the room, just beating the bell chime for her classes to start, and makes her way towards her desk, unaware at her students starring at her breasts, which are now showing through her thin white shirt due to her working up a sweat rushing to class. As she begins to take roll, Kishita begins to freak out, trying not to get turned on by the sight of her breasts as his friend teases him over this sudden development. As Kishita struggles to talk coherently, Yuuko, who is already on a short fuse due to her bad beginning to the day, becomes irritated with Kishita and yells at him to shut up, breaking a piece of chalk and tossing it at him.

Trying not to say something stupid as he tries not to stare at her, he points out to her that they can see her breasts through her shirt. Looking down, Yuuko is horrified to see that her breasts are indeed showing through her damp shirt, her mind racing as she tries to play this embarrassing situation out in the best possible way. She points out that she had broken her biggest bra that morning, and since she has inverted nipples, they would not show through her shirt, but stops when she notices that all of the boys are starring intently at her breasts. She begins to panic about her situation, and her embarrassment begins to set in as to her horror, her nipples begin to get stiff and then start poking though her shirt. Trying to hide this humiliating development from her students, she turns her back to them, telling them that homeroom is now over before rushing out of the classroom and slamming the door shut. As her stunned class tries to comprehend what just happened, a worn-out Kishita nearly faints in his desk, trying to recover from this wild series of events as the other students begin to make fun of his "sticking" up for her. Several minutes later, one of the staff members pokes his head into the classroom and asks them if they have seen Yuuko, who was supposed to show up for a staff meeting and has failed to appear. Feeling as if Yuuko's plight is all his fault, Kishita decides to go and look for her, rushing out of the classroom as his friend claims that he is just looking for a excuse to leave.

Chapter Eight (Teacher! It's Transparent!)
Chapter Eight (Teacher! It's Transparent!)

After looking around several areas, Kishita decides to look on the roof of the school, and sure enough he finds a trembling Yuuko huddled over, sobbing over the embarrassing events that occurred in her classroom earlier in the day. Worried about her plight, Kishita goes over to her and sits down by her, trying to comfort her as she tries to compose herself. She tells him to go back to the classroom, and then asks him as to why he worries and cares so much about her. Struggling to find the words to express his strong feelings he has for her, Kishita tells her nervously that it is because he loves her, much to her shock and new-found anger. Getting upset with him for his confession, she yells "You're Lying!" at his face, glaring at him as she tries to cover up her still-exposed breasts. Unfazed by her snapping at him, Kishita continues onwards, telling her that everyone knows that she is a airhead, and since it worries him, that is why he cares for her so much and looks out for her best interests in class, such as sticking up for her in class during her humiliating situation. Blown away by his full confession, Yuuko stares at him with blank eyes, unsure as to what to think or make of this sudden development in her life. Before she can find the words to reply to his confession, Kishita loses him control over his strong feelings for her and begins to fondle her massive breasts, much to her shock and surprise.

Trying to stop him before he gets her turned on, Yuuko tries to tell him not to do this here, but stops when Kishita begins to suck on her stiffened nipples, which are hyper-sensitive and cause her to become fully aroused. The more that he goes to work on her breasts, the more that they both become aroused, and before Yuuko knows it, Kishita undoes his pants and prepares to engage her in wild, passionate sex. Now totally out of control and getting carried away with his fantasies, he makes her perform a boob job on his privates, speeding up his motions as she too begins to lose control of herself due to her state of arousal. The rest of the chapter consists of them having wild sex with each other, both achieving multiple orgasms before finishing their session together. When they have finished, Yuuko asks him if he would like to come to her house for dinner that night, which to he agrees to, but he is concerned that she is going to the meeting in her current state. She tells Kishita that she has found something other than a bra to use, and makes her way towards the staff meeting downstairs. When she arrives at the staff meeting, the male teachers are blown away when they notice that her breasts are showing through her shirt and that she has placed band-aids over her nipples in a attempt to conceal them.

Chapter Nine: Teacher! It's Transparent! (Afterstory)

Chapter Nine (Teacher! It's Transparent! Afterstory)
Chapter Nine (Teacher! It's Transparent! Afterstory)

In the four page conclusion of the Teacher! It's Transparent! storyline, Kishita is shown helping Yuuko out with the chores around her house, commenting on how hopeless she is when it comes to housework and chores due to her air-headed nature. Watching him work hard to help her with her housework, Yuuko is amazed at how easy he makes it look when he is doing all of the things that she usually struggles to do by herself. When he has finished with all of the work, he tells her that it is time for his "reward", which means that she will allow him to have his way with her body again just as they did on the school rooftop. Knowing that she did promise him a reward for his efforts at her house, Yuuko removes her top and allow for him to fondle her breasts while stimulating her hyper-sensitive nipples with his tongue. As seen in Chapter Eight, they engage in another round of passionate sex, achieving multiple orgasms together before finishing up their session later that evening. As he prepares to leave for home, Yuuko thanks him once again for all of his hard work, and comments that she will be doing as little housework around her house as possible in the hopes of getting him to come back to help her. The chapter ends with Kishita telling her "Sensei...that is really not", his sentence unfinished as she smiles at him.

Other Media

Chapter Nine (Teacher! It's Transparent! Afterstory)
Chapter Nine (Teacher! It's Transparent! Afterstory)

As of now, Yuuko has yet to appear in anything outside of the Maid Bride manga.

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1st manga book: Maid Bride #1
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