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A shy, quiet girl that spends her days locked away indoors living out her hardcore otaku lifestyle in secret from the outside world. She has a strong obsession with eroge/hentai games on her PC, much to the disappointment of her boyfriend, who just wishes to spend time with her.


One of the female characters from the Maid Bride manga and the lead female character in Chapters Ten and Eleven of Maid Bride Vol. One, Yuuki lives a quiet, secluded life behind closed doors living out her hardcore otaku lifestyle in secret. She is a major fan of eroge/hentai games, and can be found playing various sex games on her personal computer, much to the frustration of her current boyfriend, who wishes to take her out to have fun together, not to be stuck indoors while she gets off on her games. She can't stand being interrupted when she is in the middle of playing her eroge/hentai games, and gets annoyed when her fed-up boyfriend keeps trying to get her out of her room to spend time together outside.

Story Arcs

Chapter Ten (Otaku in Summer )

Maid Bride (Chapter 10)
Maid Bride (Chapter 10)

On a beautiful summer day near the shore, Yuuki's long-frustrated boyfriend arrives at her small apartment, determined to spend some quality time with her at the beach for the first time in a long time, since she rarely goes outdoors anymore. Without knocking upon her door, he flings the unlocked door open, much to the shock and surprise of Yuuki, who was busy in yet another session of playing her eroge games on her PC. Seeing that she has been spending her entire day doing nothing but playing her eroge games in total darkness, he heads over to the window and yanks the curtains open, allowing the bright sunlight from outside to flood into her dimly lit room. Unprepared for the bright sunshine suddenly shining upon her, the irritated Yuuki shrieks "Kyaaaaa! I'm melting!" at him, shielding her face from the blinding light as he turns around to talk to her regarding his plans to take her out to the beach with him. He asks her about the hot black bikini that she had purchased earlier in the month from the store, and he is stunned when she reveals to him that she only purchased it so that she could dress up her inflatable sex doll with it. Irritated about this newest development, he tells her to bring it with them to the beach, for he wishes to go into the ocean to swim with her and has been waiting to see her wear it in front of him. Not feeling like leaving her room, she refuses to go with him to the beach, citing that she does not want to pay for any part of their trip to the beach, which makes him even more frustrated with her. It is only after he tells her that he will pay for all of the expenses on their trip to the beach does Yuuki finally agree to leave her apartment and hit the beach with him for the rest of the day.

The story picks back up with the two of them at the beach, with Yuuki heading off towards the female changing rooms as her boyfriend unpacks their things from their bag. He pulls out a small package and begins to inflate a black and white killer whale floater for her to use while they are out in the ocean, since she is not very good at swimming and this allows for her to go out into the ocean with him. Hearing someone coming up behind him, he slowly turns his head around to see if she is finished changing into her swimsuit, and is completely blown away when he sees her in the new black bikini that she had dressed her sex doll up with earlier. Blushing slightly, Yuuki stands timidly in front of him, not used to exposing so much of her body in public before (for she is used to dressing in t-shirts and shorts almost all of the time when in her room) as he just stares at her, amazed by her curves. Recovering from being momentarily dumbstruck by her sexiness, he stammers "Y...You took your time!" at her, getting to his feet so that he can carry the killer whale floater for her as they head off towards the ocean together. Wasting no time on such a beautiful summer day, they both rush into the warm waters of the ocean, Yuuki climbing up onto her floater as he grabs onto it and leads them out into deeper waters and away from the other people in the shallows. For the next few minutes, the two of them are shown having fun together in the surf, but unknown to them is the fact that they have ventured far enough from shore to where the waves become rough. Before they know it, a batch of rough waves catches them in it's grasp, knocking the scared Yuuki from her floater and into the ocean. Acting fast (since she is a very poor swimmer), he moves in and helps her latch onto the side of the floater, holding on tightly to her so that she will not have to worry about getting pulled away by the waves.

Maid Bride (Chapter 10
Maid Bride (Chapter 10

It is then when he notices that his one hand has come to rest upon her breast while his other hand is dangerously near her privates, so he begins to become embarrassed as he fights to not lose control of his desire to have sex with her. To his surprise, she does not seem to be bothered by his hand groping her breast, and she softly tells him that it is ok for him to touch them, since it makes her happy. With her approval, he begins to toy with her nipple on the breast he is groping, and is amazed at the fact that they have become so stiff since he began touching her breasts. Yuuki begins to make soft moaning sounds due to the fondling of her sensitive nipples, trying her best to surpress herself from moaning too loudly as he continues to toy with her. Losing control of himself, he decides that it is time to step up his game, and with his other hand, he makes a bold move by slipping his hand under her bottoms and begins to toy with her clitoris. This sudden move causes Yuuki to panic slightly, for she did not tell him that he could toy with her privates and due to the fact that if he continues, she will lose control of her lust and enter her sex-starved state of behavior. She tries to get him to stop, but begins to lose herself to just how good it feels for him to be toying with both her breasts and vagina, giving into his advances. Now totally out of control of his body, he pulls down his trunks and prepares to engage her in sex with his privates, causing her to freak out due to the fact that he is about to have sex with her in public. He tells her not to worry, for all she has to do is remain behind the floater and try to contain her moaning, and with that out of the way, he slowly slides into her.

Lasting for a unknown amount of time, they have passionate sex together as they cling onto the floater, Yuuki trying not to moan loudly as her boyfriend gets to work on her. This continues until they both achieve orgasm together, and when they have finished, it hits both of them just how far from shore the waves have carried them. Concerned, Yuuki scolds him for "going all of the way in a place like this" as they slowly paddle back toward the shore, with him pushing both her and the floater along. Several days later, Yuuki is shown purchasing more passes so that the two of them can visit the other beaches around their area, which shocks him due to the fact that the cost of her purchases will cost him his entire Christmas bonus from work.

Chapter Eleven (Otaku in Summer: Afterstory)

In the four-page continuation and conclusion of the Otaku in Summer storyline, Yuuki is shown playing one of her eroge/hentai games on her PC as she begins to toy with herself due to how caught up she has become with her game. Before she knows it, her boyfriend comes walking into her room, staring at what she is doing as he says "Y...Yo. The door was open." to her. Mortified that she allowed him to see her getting off on her eroge/hentai game, she screams aloud and throws herself onto her bed, embarrassed that he has seen her fingering herself while playing her game. Trying to comfort her, he begins to talk to her as she cries into the mattress, and then realizes that she is laying there on the bed, awaiting his advances upon her. Before she can stop him from advancing upon her, he quickly makes his move and thus engages her in yet another wild round of passionate sex. For a unknown period of time, they are shown having sex until they both achieve orgasm and finish up their session. Afterwards, they are both shown sitting on the floor of her bedroom, with Yuuki hunched over as they try to comprehend how this affects their relationship together. He tells her that if she wishes to be a bride, he would take her as his wife, but is cut off when she snaps angrily at him for brining up her secret desire to be a bride.

Maid Bride (Chapter 11: Otaku in Summer Afterstory)
Maid Bride (Chapter 11: Otaku in Summer Afterstory)

Other Media

Yuuki has not yet appeared in any media outside of the Maid Bride manga franchise.

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Name: Yuuki
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Maid Bride #1
1st anime episode:
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Aliases Yuuki
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