Yuu is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Yuu is the current 2nd Branch Chief of the Gourmet Corps, and is also one of the few members of the Corps who are able to enter the Gourmet World.


Yuu's origins remain a mystery. But at some point in the past he was recognized enough to become the 2nd Branch Chief of the Bishokukai.


Yuu is a secondary antagonist created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series Toriko.


Due to Yuu's few and brief appearances, he has had no particular evolution of note.


Yuu is a man of fair height and a slim build with very pale skin, lavender pupil eyes and shoulder length lavender hair. He wears an all white uniform resembling French attire of the Revolutionary period and earlier.


Yuu is a calm collected man and he regularly uses honorifics when addressing his comrades. He is eager to please his superior within the Bishokukai such as Midora and Alfaro.


Yuu seems to get along well enough with his fellow Bishokukai members. but has shown no particular friendships or rivalries within the organization.

Story Arcs

Century Soup Arc

Yuu attends a Bishokukai meeting consisting of Branch Chiefs Barrygamon and Bogie Woods, the Vice Head Chefs Starjun and Grinpatch who arrived late and Head Chef Kuromado. After they speak about Grinpatch's recent failure to retrieve their damaged GT Robo and the failure of retrieveing the Jewel Meat, Yuu informs all present of the Century Soup and announced that it would be available to retrieve soon after the 100 year wait required for it to be ready. Vice Head Chef Tommyrod, 4th Branch Chief Barrygamon and 5th Branch Chief Bogie Woods depart to retrieve the soup, but Yuu follows via a micro GT Robo that was under his control. While Tommyrod and the others battled Toriko and his team, Yuu's Micro GT Robo slipped into the Gourmet Show Window undetected and forcefully took the Century Soup from the helpless Komatsu, who had himself attempted to retrieve it while Toriko and the others kept the Bishokukai at bay. Via the Micro GT Robo, Yuu presented the Century soup to his superior Alfaro who had just arrived, and was pleased with Yuu's work. They then depart from Ice Hell back to headquarters.

Meteor Garlic Arc

Yuu gathered with the entire Bishokukai Organization that was present to face off against the abrupt arrival of President Ichiryuu, the leader of the group in direct opposition to the Bishokukai. After numerous utterly failed attempts at subduing the president, the Bishokukai Boss Midora himself arrived and told all his subordinates to stand down as the lot of them combined were no match for Ichiryuu. After a short discussion, Ichiryuu departed after failing to reason with Midora, but only after releasing his intimidation, frightening all present aside from Midora, who then vanished upon Ichiryuu leaving, also startling his men.

Cooking Festival Arc

Yuu was part of the Bishokukai team that invaded Cooking Island. He attacked the chefs present but was countered by Anyo Jr. Their battle was cut short when Anyo Jr. fled to safety in Pippi's invisible bread house.

Powers & Abilities

As the 2nd Branch Chief of the Bishokukai, it is fair to assume that Yuu's fighting prowess is quite remarkable. He is ranked above the likes of Barrygamon and Bogie Woods and directly beneath Elg.


Stimulation Seasoning: Cayenne - Yuu creates a mist that burns victims at the touch. However it's full effects were not seen as it was nullified by Anyo Jr.'s Sugakaten technique.

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Name: Yuu
Name: ユー
Gender: Male
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