Yutaka Moriki

Yutaka Moriki is a anime/manga character in the Galaxy Express 999 franchise
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A cyborg traveler on the GE999 with a body made from Briar wood.


Moriki was originally a human from the planet that became the Tombstone of Dead Leaves. While there he made his living as a painter. At some point in his life he decided to become a cyborg and chose a body made of Briar wood due to its exquisite beauty and durability.


Moriki is a character in the Galaxy Express 999 series, which was created by Leiji Matsumoto, who is popular for the Captain Harlock franchise and it's related series. Moriki makes his first and only appearance in Episode #21 "The Tombstone of Dead Leaves". In the anime series his design and creation are credited to Shingo Araki and Shigeru Kogawa respectively.

Major Story Arc

The Tombstone of Dead Leaves

Moriki meets Tetsuro and Maetel when he boards the GE999 at the Tombstone of Dead Leaves stop. Tetsuro is surprised to see a cyborg such as Moriki but the two become friendly with each other after a brief conversation. Still interested in the dead leaves swirling around the GE999, Tetsuro opens the window, allowing many of them to fly in. An electric toadstool enters the train and Tetsuro nearly picks up but is stopped by Moriki who warns that it carries a charge strong enough to kill anyone without a properly insulated body like his own.

Moriki takes care of the toadstool and everyone returns to their seats. Suddenly, the GE999 goes out of control and everyone is tossed about the cabin. Moriki, the Conductor, Maetel and Tetsuro head to the control room of the GE999 to see what the issue is. Once their the see that an electric toadstool has attached itself to the control console and is causing a plasma discharge, which is responsible for the train's behavior. Tetsuro leaves to find something to remove the toadstool but while he is away, Moriki says that he will handle it so that now danger comes to Tetsuro who still has a long life ahead of him. Moriki removes the Toadstool and immediately catches on fire due to the discharge. Due to some panicking by the Conductor, the flames aren't extinguished fast enough and Moriki's body is destroyed, leaving the device containing his human memories and cyborg brain, which is quickly ceasing to function. In his last moments he gives Tetsuro all of his belongings (a painter's kit) and wishes him best of luck on getting a cyborg body.

Voiced by
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Hiroshi Ohtake
General Information Edit
Name: Yutaka Moriki
Romanji: Moriki Yutaka
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Galaxy Express 999 #21
1st anime movie:
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