Yuta is a anime/manga character in the Mermaid Saga franchise
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A 500 year old immortal who is on a quest for the Mermaids of Legend, whom he believes can grant a natural life.

While appearing an ordinary man, Yuta is actually a 500 year old immortal whose only permanent death is decapitation. He's on the hunt for the legendary mermaids, whose flesh grants immortality, hoping that they will grant him a natural death.  


Yuta was an ordinary man who lived as a fisherman until a friend brought a strange piece of meat and claimed it was mermaid flesh, which myth says can grant eternal life. He and his friends all consumed a part of the flesh but upon consumption one of them suddenly died. Soon a second followed and then all of his friends slowly either died or turned into grotesque monsters. Yuta, however fearful, did not and soon forgot about eating the flesh.
He soon took a wife and while his wife grew old, he maintained the same appearance. After twenty years his wife said to him that she was afraid of him and he sought a wise woman as, he too, was afraid of himself. She told him that he must seek a mermaid but what the mermaid can do she wasn't sure of but they can do something.
After hearing this, Yuta soon left his village and went on a search for the mermaids. He traveled as a hired hand for a while, taking part in wars and working as a fisherman. A few years later he was asked by a woman named Isago to go on the hunt for a mermaid for her - which he attempted but was killed in the process.
After being washed ashore on a village island, he was soon resurrected and met the chief's daughter, Rin. He soon fell in love with her but refused to marry her due to his condition. Upon helping Rin he discovered that Isago was actually a different type of mermaid, one that had two legs and that she needed mermaid's flesh for her unborn child. 
After defeating Isago, Yuta left behind his love and continued to travel seeking the mermaids up to present day Japan. 


There are a few variations of Yuta's story.
In the Mermaid Forest OVA from 1991, Yuta is actually part of a hunting party that kills the mermaid but does make comment of how immortality wasn't for him. Upon cooking of the mermaids flesh he feels pressured by his friends to consume it, rather than he being curious to try it.
Voiced by
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Koichi Yamadera
General Information Edit
Name: Yuta
Name: 湧太
Romanji: Yūta
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Mermaid Saga #1
1st anime episode: Mermaid Forest #1
1st anime movie: Mermaid's Forest
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