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YuruYuri is an anime series in the YuruYuri franchise
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Can't but Shrug Reviewed by Elfenlied1012 on June 17, 2012. Elfenlied1012 has written 76 reviews. His/her last review was for Planetes. 139 out of 153 users recommend his reviews.

Hello again fellow vice users, it is I, M, here to review complete left field chose of YuruYuri! I know what you’re thinking, M isn’t that a Yuri? That’s F’s territory, well seeing as F hasn’t been on in forever and I decided to do something in her memory, plus just because she reviewed doesn’t mean I wasn’t there watching it with my old buddy, so I consider myself pretty well versed in that niche territory. However unlike F, I’m twice as unforgiving.

So what is YuruYuri? In spirit just the fun adventure of 4 middle school girls all in the Amusement club a club for “no reason” and their exploits. Sometimes dragging the School council into it just because. The girls are a simple team, a protagonist whose biggest characteristic is her complete lack of being memorable, (yep that’s the joke) A lesbian Otaku who is filled with energy and insanity, a emotionless tomboy who is just there to be “the straight man” in terms of comedy and then a, pardon the French, A bitch obsessed with the tomboy. Light hearted in nature these adventures are of the more of the zany variety and I know that’s my mehh area but I’ll try to stay objective.

I got to say, from the start plain and simple I kind of don’t know how I feel about yuruyuri, normally when I write one of these while off the cuff but even so I just don’t know. I do know however that the first 5-7 episodes did bring me joy, I legitimately laughed and found myself liking the sense of comedy and character humor, but in the end it all just fizzes out, that’s the most disappointing part of this all, is I really liked it just episode by episode the score shifted starting off a nice 4.5 down bit by bit to the middling end score leaving me more confused at why it degrades so quickly then even upset.

A strong negative off the bat might give off the impression that this is a bad anime, First off Yuruyuri is not bad, not at all, in fact if I was to call it one thing it would be that, YuruYuri is not terrible. Starting off strong the series is funny and I will argue to the death that throughout I did “like” the characters, it feeds into a series of fun stories well and one weird but very apt compliment I can give is that YuruYuri manages to succeed where its brothers and sisters in the zany humor world consistently fail, Transitions. YuruYuri communicated the what why and where very well and while it is “zany” nonsense you always maintain a good sense of how this world works and what the hell is going on, and more so I do enjoy some of what they do with what little Yuri there is in the series (I.E. and episode placing people with their best match not there favorite) made for an interesting is very very irrelevant plot device

The negatives as I rethink it are very very connected to the one weakness YuruYuri has, it likes to beat the same drum till the end of time. Every character has a gimmick, and while most anime characters do have this most use characterization to move beyond that and develop secondary characteristics, No such luck to these girls more over their joke set while clever is always a play off their gimmick something that quickly begins to sound a lot like the same. More over this anime seems to actively drop any character work done usually forgetting one episode from another making you wonder if any of this was relevant to that world and the answer is in short no. Another prevalent issue is that for an anime named after yuri it actively trys to avoid any complexity in that, sure characters are lesbians but none ever really broach beyond the simple truth of that and for the most part affections are mostly just invisible and when the romance is touched on it is almost universally dropped, this complete lack of care from the writers leaves one wondering the simple question of why should we care? Once you realize that everything begins to fall apart.

I want to like YuruYuri, I really do. Yuri is such an interesting area of anime that is quickly dying out especially with its top tier anime often only touch on the subject it’s suppose to feature, but I’m not F I won’t baby mediocrity for the sake of promoting a really cool concept. It’s not bad but I won’t pretend it was worth my time. YuruYuri I begrudgingly give 3 drooling twins out of 5.

This is M reminding you you can never unsee what you have seen
This is M reminding you you can never unsee what you have seen
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