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A genre of anime/manga featuring girl-on-girl relationships. Although the genre originated in female-targeted works, today it is featured in many male-targeted works as well.


Yuri (also known as "Shoujo-Ai") elements are common in anime/manga, though usually used as a source of comedic effect, more often than not. Characters such as Chizuru Honshō from Bleach and Princess Fatora from El Hazard are usually not seen as much other than fan service, usually depicting them as sexually carnivorous to any girl. There are occasions when lesbian characters are main characters in a anime/manga that isn't solely on the subject, such as Shizuru Fujino and Natsuki Kuga from Mai Hime, and Konoka Konoe and Setsuna Sakurazaki form Negima!. Even so, their relationships are usually either contextual or downplayed.

However, anime/manga that revolve around yuri generally depict the relationships and lesbian characters in a much more believable manner. Some of these series include Maria-sama Ga Miteru, Simoun, Strawberry Panic, Candy Boy and Aoi Hana.

Several yuri themed manga publications are available in Japan, such as Yuri Hime (formally Yuri Shimai), a collection of various artists who draw and submit their own stories. Most of the stories revolve around blossoming romances between younger girls or women, mainly focusing on the romantic side of yuri. The comic is usually geared towards female readers. Yuri Hime S, the sister comic of Yuri Hime, is more geared towards male readers. Often the stories are moe or ecchi related, and focus on the sexual side of yuri.

General Information Edit
Concept Name Yuri
Japanese Name: 百合
Romaji Name: Yuri
Aliases Lesbian Romance
Lesbian Pornography
1st manga book: Couple of the White Room #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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