Yun is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Yun was found by Komatsu as a baby in Ice Hell Continent. It's parents were killed right in front of it by Tommyrod. As a result, Komatsu felt it was his duty to keep Yun from that point onward, and he did so.


Yun is a supporting protagonist created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series Toriko.


Yun has grow a noticeable amount since it was first found.



Yun is a Wall Penguin. Wall Penguins grow to an enormous size, roughly 10 stories tall when fully grown (30 meters). Yun is still very young and initially was considerably smaller than Komatsu and barely larger than a normal penguin. Now Yun is around Komatsu's height (roughly 5 feet) but with more girth. Aside from Yun's yellow beak and feet, it is all a light pink in color with a bare hot pink belly.


Yun is a very kind a cheerful individual. It loves to hug Komatsu and travel with him when possible. Despite not being a capable combatant, Yun will dive into the heat of battle, not to fight, but to rescue Komatsu when he is in danger.


Komatsu - The two share a very close bond. Komatsu adopted Yun from the time they left Ice Hell together. Komatsu was shown keeping Yun with him even at his restaurant. Yun has shown that it will come to Komatsu's aid when at all possible.

Story Arcs

Century Soup Arc

Komatsu and Yun's first meeting
Komatsu and Yun's first meeting

Komatsu by chance came across Yun during his trip to Ice Hell with Toriko to retrieve the rare Century Soup. Toriko advised Komatsu to return it to it's parents as they were giant beasts and were ferocious in defending their young. While this was Komatsu's initial intention, this was later impossible to do since Bishokukai Vice Head Chef Tommyrod murdered Yun's parents right as they had found Yun. Komatsu decided from then on, he would adopt Yun. He took Yun back with him to his restaurant once they left Ice Hell.

Yun completes the Century Soup
Yun completes the Century Soup

When Komatsu set himself to recreate the now extinct Century Soup, he had nearly succeeded but could not figure out what was missing. But after nearly a year's time, Yun came over to Komatsu's pot of soup and began salivating from the delicious smell. Yun's saliva dripped into the soup, and suddenly it began to sparkle. Komatsu then realized that Yun's saliva was the final ingredient to complete the Century Soup. This turned out to be the first big leap of success for Komatsu and his restaurant became a 6 star establishment and people from all over the world learned his name and wanted his soup. Toriko himself went so far as to make it the soup dish on his full course menu.

Bubble Fruit Arc

Komatsu brought Yun with him to Pot Pond where he, Rin and the Four Heavenly Kings searched for the elusive Madam Fish. Yun had no real role in capturing the fish. It merely spent most of it's time sliding on it's belly and playing on the surface of the frozen pot pond. It did distribute worms for fishing though., which only Komatsu needed to use. Incidentally, it was Komatsu who found the Madam Fish before the powerful Heavenly Kings did.

Cooking Festival Arc

Yun saves Komatsu
Yun saves Komatsu

Yun came flying to Komatsu's rescue when the latter was surrounded by mayhem from the battle ensuing on Cooking Island, simultaneously showing it's first use of flight, although limited. Yun carried Komatsu on it's back and managed to evade attacks from the Bishokukai. It then flew Komatsu over to Toriko who was in mid-battle with Starjun.

Billion Bird Arc

The Four heavenly Kings, their partner beasts and Komatsu were set to travel into Gourmet World. Komatsu decided to take Yun with them as well. Yun entered their giant Octopusuika beast with Terry, Kiss and Quinn, demonstrating superior agility than before. The team then departed for Gourmet World.


Yun did little more than accompany the others during the capture of AIR. at one point, they were all under attack and Yun attempted to come to the aid of Quinn and Kiss, but quickly turned back when it realized it was outmatched.

Powers & Abilities

Yun's flight
Yun's flight

Currently Yun has no noteworthy abilities. However as it grows, Yun has been shown capable of limited flight. Since the time skip, it appears that Yun is now capable of continuous flight. It also has a unique saliva said to make an excellent broth. It was the final necessary ingredient to complete the legendary Century Soup.

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Name: Yun
Gender: Unknown
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