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Kuyou Senjou

Nanase's younger sister who holds the Arrow of Destiny, a powerful technique made to destroy the Feydooms.

Mizuki Agatsuma

Tomokazu's childhood friend who secretly loves him.


A mysterious girl who Tomokazu first meets in Moera. She is only capable of saying, "Mone" or "Monene."

Nanase Senjou

Tomokazu's cousin and guardian who has raised him since his parents died. In Moera, she takes on the form of "Silk", a powerful warrior with extensive knowledge of Moera.


A cat-loving junior detective, who considers everything a mystery. She calls Tomokazu "Darling", and herself, "Darling's wife".

Tomokazu Mikuri

The main protagonist of Yumeria who is a helpless 16 year old pervert and average teenager with many friends, he is unknowingly the Destiny Transformer who is meant to change the world.

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