Yuko Amamiya

Yuko Amamiya is a anime/manga character in the ef - a fairy tale of the two. franchise
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A girl that befriends Yu Himura as a child.Later, she falls in love with him.

Yuko Amamiya is a girl who dressed like a nun and almost stay in the church. Actually, she's not a nun nor anyone who stay in the church. In ef - a tale of memories, she often stay at the church.


Yuko was orphaned by the great earthquake in Otowa. At the orphanage she met and befriended a boy named Yu Himura. As they grew closer, Yuko started refer to Yu as her 'older brother'. Having lost his younger sister in the earthquake, Yu began to recollect painful memories because of this.He started distancing himself from Yuko, who began to look uncannily similar to his late sister . Shortly after a confrontation where Yu explicitly said "I don''t need a sister!", Yuko was adopted by the Amamiya family which included a man named  Akira Amamiya.

High School Life

 After ten years lost contact with Yu, she could meet him again. At first, Yu was forget about her and feel very disappointed with her attitude. Yuko always wear a hat and long dress, never exposed her skin. She often bullied by her classmates. Although that, she was never sad and always smiled. Later, she confessed her feeling to Yu. At first, Yu didn't reply her feeling, but later he said that he loves her. Yuko once escape from her step brother with Yu, but come back again because something. After her brother's dead, she live under the same roof with Yu.


 After live with Yu, she had a happy life. Unfortunately, her happiness didn't stay for a long time. Few days before Christmas, she met a little girl named Miki (later Mizuki Hayama). She becames a good friend with her and teach Miki to sing. On Christmas, when she was waiting for Yu near the church, she found a ball that remembered her with her childhood with Yu. Then, she took it. Unfortunately, a car cames with high speed and crash her. Before her death, she sang the song that she teached to Miki but she never finished the song. Her last dream before her death is meet Yu again. Later, Yu and Miki arrived but they were late. Yuko was just passed away.

The Truth

 The reason why Yuko always wear a long dress which never expose her skin is her body was full with a wounds and scars. She got them from her step brother who try to replace his dead younger sister with Yuko. At first, Yuko was treated nicely. Her brother was took her out for play and teach her. But her brother realized that Yuko is not her dead sister. She is someones different and her brother becames hate her. She started to treated badly. Her brother always hit her or throw somethings and hurt her. But, the physical violence changed into sexual violence. Two years before met Yu again, she was raped by her brother. Yu think that is his fault for abandoning her.

After Death

 After death, Yuko always waiting for Yu in the church to fulfilled her last dream. While waiting for Yu, she met Hiro Hirono and gave some advice to him. Same with Kyousuke Tatsumi. Later, Hiro and Tatsumi reached their true love. The couples, Hiro Hirono and Miyako Miyamura, and Kyousuke Tatsumi and Kei Shindou thanked her. As they said, 'I met that people and reach for my love'. After waiting for ten years, finally she met with Yu again on Christmas in the church. Yu gave her a flowers that he never gave to her. She and Yu was reunion for sometimes. Then they went to the school roof, where all started and where all ended. Yuko said that she just fulfilled her dream. She wished Yu to be always happy and move on. After that, she was dissapear and left Yu alone.
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Carli Mosier
Rank Game #572 in Power Rank
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Name: Yuko Amamiya
Name: 雨宮 優子
Romanji: Amamiya Yuuko
Gender: Female
Birthday: 06/21/1982
1st manga book:
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1st anime movie:
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