Yukio Okumura

Yukio Okumura is a anime/manga character in the Blue Exorcist franchise
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Yukio is a younger brother of Rin Okumura. He appeared as a great Exorcist at his young age and came to True Cross Academy with his brother.


A young Yukio being comforted by Fujimoto
A young Yukio being comforted by Fujimoto

Yukio Okumura is the twin brother of Rin Okumura whose dream is to become a doctor. Unbeknowst to his brother, he is an exceptional Exorcist and a genius, becoming one of the teachers at the True Cross Academy for Exorcism. When he was younger, him and Rin were raised by Fujimoto in an abbey but he later moved out after being accepted into the academy in order to defeat Demons and protect his twin brother. Unlike his brother, he is not a son of Satan because his body was too weak to accept Satan's powers, however, after getting a wound from Rin at birth, he has been able to see demons ever since he could remember and received training from Fujimoto to become a Exorcist.


Yukio Okumura, who is created by Kazue Kato, does not have any notes from the author so far regarding any inspiration used to create him. He first appears in Blue Exorcist volume 1 and episode 1. His Japanese voice actor is Jun Fukuyama.

Character Evolution


When first introduced, Yukio wore a regular plain cardigan, however when he was shown in the True Cross Academy, he took on a more mature look, wearing an Exorcist coat with a dress shirt and pants and a leather pallet of bullets with his two handgun pistol. In short, he's not as innocent as he looks. Yukio has three beauty marks, two are in a straight line under his right eye and the last one is between his lips and chin on the left side of the face.


Yukio appears to be quite calm, quiet and reserved but he also seems to be somewhat bi-polar, in that he smiles in one moment and become sidetracked by Rin's shenanigans. Although he does tend to take things very seriously, he does take a joke when he hears it.

Major Story Arcs

Yukio Okumura treat Rin's wounds, and when Rin notices that Yukio is moving due to the boxes, Yukio reminds Rin to take care of himself and get a job. Although Yukio is not present during Rin and his father's fight against Satan, he visits the funeral of his father. He glances at Rin who is staring at his father's grave.

The following day, Yukio arrives late and enters Mephisto's pink limo with Rin and Mephisto waiting for him. Rin is stunned that he is going to same school as Yukio, but Rin cannot ask him. During the opening ceremony of True Cross Academy, Yukio prepares a speech for the incoming freshmen much to Rin's surprise.

Later on, in cram school, Yukio enters the classroom, and according to Mephisto, Yukio is Rin's teacher for cram school. When Yukio asks the class for anyone who did not received a spirit wound (this allows exorcists to see demons), Rin barges in and asks Yukio while interrupting the class. Yukio tells his class to head outside for a moment while he deals with his brother. During their conversation, Rin learns that Yukio has his spirit wound at birth and train to be an exorcist early in childhood to protect Rin. Though an accident causes a vial to break.

Yukio kills the demons with his guns while he talks to Rin. His words hurt Rin, and when a giant demon appear behind Yukio, Rin unsheathes his sword and kills the demon. Rin tells Yukio that he will never lay a hand on his brother.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Jun Fukuyama
Johnny Yong Bosch
General Information Edit
Name: Yukio Okumura
Name: 奥村 雪男
Romanji: Okumura Yukio
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Blue Exorcist #1
1st anime episode: Blue Exorcist #1
1st anime movie:
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