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Jigoku Sensei Nube (1996 - 49 Episodes)

Nube is a exorcist and school teacher who helps his friends and students from any danger from the spiritual world.

1 - 1
The Terrifying New School Term! The Mysterious Demon Claw 恐怖の新学期! 謎の鬼の手 (Kyoufu no shingakuki! Nazo no oni no te) 04/13/1996 23m
1 - 2
Hanako-san Of The Toilet Has Appeared~! トイレの花子さんが 出たぁ~っ! (TOIRE no Hanako-san ga deta~!) 04/20/1996 23m
1 - 3
Can't Stop Spreading Rumors! Talkative Youkai: The Five-Tongued Horror! うわさ話はやめられない! おしゃべり妖怪・恐怖の五枚舌! (Uwasabanashi ha yamerarenai! Oshaberi youkai - kyoufu no go-mai shita!) 04/27/1996 23m
1 - 4
Do Not Use!? The Kappa In The Horizontal Bars 使用禁止!? 河童の出る鉄棒 (Shiyou kinshi!? Kappa no deru kanabou) 05/04/1996
1 - 5
The School's Seven Mysteries - Demon Of The 13th Step 学校の七不思議 魔の13階段 (Gakkou no shichi fushigi Ma no 13 kaidan) 05/11/1996
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Digimon Frontier (2002 - 50 Episodes)

The fourth Digimon series that featured five kids being transported to Digital World in order to save it from evil. This was the second series to feature characters turning into Digimon.

1 - 1
The Legendary Warrior! Agunimon of Fire 04/07/2002
1 - 2
Wolfmon of Light, the Battle in the Underground Labyrinth 04/14/2002
1 - 3
Don't Allow Bullying! Evolution of Chakmon of Ice 04/21/2002
1 - 4
My Painful Kick! Female Warrior Fairymon! 04/28/2002
1 - 5
Thunder Power Shaking the Ground - Blitzmon! 05/05/2002
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Digimon Xros Wars: Hunter Boys that Leap Through Time (2011 - 25 Episodes)

Part 2 of the Digimon: Xros Wars anime taking place a year later after the first series. The series follows Tagiru Akashi, Taiki Kudo and Yuu Amano encounter a strange realm in between the Human and Digital Worlds known as DigiQuartz where Digimon feed off darkness in people's hearts.

3 - 55
Us, the Digimon Hunters! 10/02/2011
3 - 56
The Students Disappear! The Wavering Shadow of Sagomon 10/09/2011
3 - 57
The Robot Club's Dream, Pinocchimon's Enticement 10/16/2011
3 - 58
The Targeted Honor Student! Blossomon's Smile 10/23/2011
3 - 59
Cuteness Causion! Cute Hunter, Airu's Trap! 10/30/2011
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