Yukino Hirai

Yukino Hirai is a anime/manga character in the Sket Dance franchise
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Sawa's friend who kills Masafumi Usui.


In middle school, she stabs a boy which Sawa and Switch did not know at the time. According to Mikami, she is the ex girlfriend of his, and when Mikami broke up with Yukino to be with Sawa, she grimly tells Mikami that she will tell Sawa about his confession. However, she keeps Mikami at bay as she remains close with Sawa.


Yukino Hirai, who is created by Kenta Shinohara, has no inspiration used to create her. She first appears in Sket Dance volume 5 and episode 24. Her Japanese voice actress is Mayuki Makiguchi.


Yukino did not change much.


She has long black hair, black eyes, and fair skin.


At first, she seems like a nice girl, but in the end, she has a warped mind. According to Mikami, she will cry and scream when she does not get her way. In short, she's a spoiled brat.


  • With Sawa - Before the murder of Masafumi, she is good friends with Sawa. After murdering Masafumi, she and Sawa are enemies.

Story Arcs

Switch Off

Yukino: I see.
Yukino: I see.

Before Sawa walks off with Kazuyoshi, Yukino and Sawa walked together, and she is the one who points to Mikami who is lurking around the corner. She warns Sawa about her stalker. After Sawa has received a threatening letter and has gone shopping with Masafumi, Yukino appears in front of Kazuyoshi's house. She tells Kazuyoshi about Sawa's stalker, Mikami, and explains how he is dangerous due to stabbing a student back in middle school. Kazuyoshi calls his brother to warn him, and Yukino reassures him that Mikami will eventually give up on Sawa. When she asks Kazuyoshi if he's dating Sawa, Kazuyoshi answers that his little brother is going out with Sawa. Suddenly, Yukino makes a face that alerts Kazuyoshi to Mikami's presence. As Kazuyoshi chases after Mikami, Yukino runs to Masafumi and Sawa's location.

Yukino: I have nothing!
Yukino: I have nothing!

Upon finding Sawa and Masafumi, it begins to rain, and she mutters about how Sawa is on a nice date with her boyfriend. As she walks towards them, she tells Sawa that she has nothing because her ex boyfriend is only interested in Sawa. Yukino lunges to stab Sawa, but Yukino ends up fatally stabs Masafumi who protects Sawa. Later, she gets arrested by the police. In the police room, Kazuyoshi hears what the police states from Yukino's words about how Yukino mistakenly kills Masafumi because she thinks he is Sawa's boyfriend.

Yukino is never seen again.

Anime and Manga Differences

Death of Masafumi is altered

Yukino announces only in the manga
Yukino announces only in the manga
  • In the manga, Yukino yells at them that she will kill them, and Masafumi yells to Sawa to get away. Masafumi takes the knife and gets stabbed in the front of his body.
  • Whereas in the anime, Yukino never announces that she will kill Sawa and just attacks without warning. Masafumi is stabbed in the back of his body.
Voiced by
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Mayuki Makiguchi
General Information Edit
Name: Yukino Hirai
Name: 平井 雪乃
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Sket Dance #5
1st anime episode: Sket Dance #24
1st anime movie:
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