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Yukina Shiratori is a anime/manga character in the Martian Successor Nadesico franchise
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Akito Tenkawa First meeting: Episode Unknown
Manga Unknown

The main protagonist of Martian Successor Nadesico. Born on Mars and orphaned after his parents died in an apparent military coup, Akito's dream to become a cook but somehow become an Aestevalis pilot for the Nadesico (which is in the commander of childhood friend/"lover" - Yurika Misumaru).

Jun Aoi First meeting: Episode Unknown
Manga Unknown

The first officer of the Nadesico, Jun has no small infatuation for Yurika, leaving a position in the Earth's military to join her crew and "look out for her". Yukina considers him her "best friend", though the rest of the crew realize his feelings.

Minato Haruka First meeting: Episode Unknown
Manga Unknown

Minato was once the secretary for a large company's president, but switched careers as the Nadesico's crewmain helmswoman.She has a mixed-up relationship with Goat Hoary, but later develops feelings a Jovian named Tsukomo Shirotori.

Tsukumo Shiratori First meeting: Episode Unknown
Manga Unknown

Tsukumo is a commander of the Superior Jovian Male Forces and a mecha pilot. He is similar in appearance and personality to Gai Daigoji, and ultimately dies in the same way.

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