Yukiko Minase

Yukiko Minase is a anime/manga character in the Bible Black franchise
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Yukiko Minase is the step sister of Taki Minase. She assisted in translating the Black Bible.

Yukiko Game CG
Yukiko Game CG

Yukiko Minase is a secondary character in the main Bible Black serie. She is presented as the "Step-sister" of Taki Minase but she's in fact his live-in cousin and guardian but the two act like siblings. She’s a strong-willed person, and enjoys tormenting her younger brother and likes teasing Minase at home wearing short camisole and hot pants.

Yukiko in her usual outfit
Yukiko in her usual outfit

Yukiko is a beautiful girl with dark blue hairs and brown eyes.She usualy walks in the house wearing only white panties, blue-jean short and a close to body blue and white shirt (which allow us to see her nipples). She is later seen with a red vest, black short dress, blue shirt and brown tights and, in Bible Black Only: Yukiko Hen, she is wearing her white medical blouse, black short dress, purple shirt with a blue ribbon and grey tights.In Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis, Yukiko is one of the first person on which Minase try his newly acquired power. In episode 2, she is excited by his magic imbued touch that causes orgasms causing her to retreat to her room and masturbate furiously and definitely losing control of her lust as seen in Bible Black Only. Later, in episode 5, she's seen going back late at home at the same time Kitami's minions infiltrated the house to eliminate Rika Shiraki who has been transported here while inconscious after trying to kill Minase and Takashiro shortly before. Because no witness are allowed, she is abducted in the room and, as seen in episode 6, violently raped with Shiraki to the point that they begun to like it. The last we see of them is both of her fucked in the ass and sucking cocks until the screen fade to black. This is also the last time we saw Yukiko on screen.

After the defeat of Kitami's plan and the fact that all of her minions falls unconscious, we can say that she along with Reika were saved from a certain death and begun to live a normal life. With all of the dark magic dissapeared, we can think that Yukiko tried to live a good life in what she has studied and probably have her memory of all of the Bible Black event including her rape erased by Takashiro.

She is not mentionned or appeared in the sequel.

In Bible Black Only: Yukiko Hen: Himitsu no Chōkyō (Yukiko Hen: Secret Torture) which take place a few time after the event of episode 2; we can see that she has totally lost control of her lust even during classroom.

She excuses herself from class as she cannot control her urges anymore then heads to the bathroom to masturbate. Yukiko ends up being sexually dominated by one of her professors, becoming his personnal pet/slave.

Sexual Acts

Bible Black: Episode 2

After having her nipples pressed by Minase's magic touch, she retreat to her room to masturbate with her fingers and then with a vibrator to the point that she seems to loose consciousness due to too many orgasms.

Bible Black: Episode 6

After being forced to join Kitami's minions, she is raped from disgust to pleasure totally naked along with Shiraki. She is vaginaly raped multiples time while her breasts are brutaly malaxed until one of the men cum inside her (she also receive cum on her face during her rape). Immediatly after that, she is assfucked to her surprise by the same man and is forced to suck and drink cum from the others to avoid her saying a word until the screen goes black and this is the last we see of her in the saga. She was probably filled with cum in the ass and mouth along with Shiraki until the defeat of Reika Kitami.

Bible Black Only

After masturbating in the toilet, she is forced to become her professor test subject and found her tied up and is forced to suck while receiving a vibrator in her vagina and a dildo in her anus. She is then violently fucked becoming only a slave sex for her teacher until he cum inside of her. The episode ends with an exhausted and dirty Yukiko asking for another round.


Yukiko is actually Minase’s live-in cousin and guardian, and the two act like siblings. She’s a strong-willed person, and enjoys tormenting her younger brother and likes teasing Minase at home with revealing outfits. Since she learned Latin and French in grad school, she helps Minase translate the contents of the book.


  • She is voiced by Kanan Yuzuki in japanese and by Omar Reed in english.
  • In the english dub, she has an heavy latin accent.
  • Since she learned Latin and French in grad school, she helps Minase to translate the contents of the Bible Black.
  • She is know for liking drinking alcohol.
  • She is one of the most popular character despite being a secondary one. This is mostly due to her sexy apperance and also because of her long and famous sex scene in episode 6 in which spectators can see her filled with cum in all three holes in a single sex scene compared to other girls.
  • Despite being very popular, she is not in the sequel for unknow reason. Somes said the girl killed in the remastered edition during the scene when Imari saw a vision of the killer bears a strong ressemblance with Yukiko but nothing is confirmed.
General Information Edit
Name: Yukiko Minase
Name: 水無瀬 由起子
Romanji: minase yukiko
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Bible Black #2
1st anime movie:
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