Yukihito Ilita

Yukihito Ilita is a anime/manga character in the Space Pirate Captain Harlock franchise
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Ilita is a character from the Space Pirate Capain Harlock: The Endless Odyssey series. He holds a grudge against Harlock from the past and goes to great extremes to capture him.


 Ilita as a child.
 Ilita as a child.
Chief Ilita is from the planet Pluto and entered the military academy at a young age.  His fellow students looked down on him because of this, which drove him to prove himself by being an exemplary cadet.  Ilita's father lived and died in outer space, which brought great shame to his family.  In order to make sure that Ilita never did this, his grandfather made him promise that he would never live in outer space.  Later in his life, Ilita's mother died from a
Ilita at his mother's funeral. 
Ilita at his mother's funeral. 
space-born disease.  At her funeral, people were discussing how shameful this was and how she deserved this for going to outer space.  These two events had a deep impact on Ilita and are likely the reasons why he has such hatred for space pirates. 
Later in his life he meets Captain Harlock in a situation that he considers as the only time he's ever been truly afraid.  Harlock captures a vessel that Ilita is working on and when his back is turned, Ilita draw a weapon on him.  Harlock beats him to  
 Ilita and Harlock
 Ilita and Harlock
the punch and draws his weapon faster and puts it to his head and smiles.  Ilita is visibly frightened and Harlock decides to let him live so that he can enjoy killing him at a later time.  This action is the catalyst for Ilita's extreme actions against Harlock and his crew later in the series.

Actions in the Series 

 Ilita attacks Kei's ship.
 Ilita attacks Kei's ship.
Ilita begins the series by setting up a trap for Kei Yuki.  He places explosives on a transport vessel loaded with supplies and 500 people disguised as miners in order lure Kei into boarding the vessel.  While she is in the process of boarding, he detonates the ship, killing all who were on board and capturing Kei and her crew in the process. 
Appalled at his actions, Kei confronts him and he reveals that the people where actually criminals and that he considered their deaths a worthwhile price to pay in order to capture Captain Harlock, the real target of operation.  Ilita publicly announces a televised execution of Kei and her crew in order to draw Harlock out.  Harlock shows up, but is able to rescue everyone without getting caught. 
After the rescue, the Noo attack the military and obliterate them.  Harlock returns 
 Ilita floating in space after his failed kamikaze attack.
 Ilita floating in space after his failed kamikaze attack.
to the battleground and his ship, the Arcadia, is spotted by an injured Ilita, one of the only survivors of the attack.  Ilita musters up all of his strength and finds a ship that is still functions and attempts a kamikaze attack on Harlock's vessel.  Ilita's ship is shot down before it collides with Harlock and he is ejected from it.  As he floats by the ship, Harlock waves at him and continues to his destination.
General Information Edit
Name: Yukihito Ilita
Name: イリタ
Romanji: Irita
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Space Pirate Captain Harlock: The Endless Odyssey #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Ilita,
Chief Ilita
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