Yuki Yoshida

Yuki Yoshida is a anime/manga character in the Is this a Zombie? franchise
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A Vampire Ninja like Seraphim, but from a different faction.


She is a vampire ninja of a different faction from Seraphim.


Yuki Yoshida is designed by Shinobu Tagashira, and she has no information on what inspires the creator to create her at this moment. She has three names: Mael Strom (ninja name), Yuki Yoshida (student name), and Tomonori (nickname taken from how Yuki Yoshida's Japanese characters are read, トモノリ). She first appears in Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? episode 1, but speaks for the first time in episode 7. Her Japanese actress is Hisako Kanemoto.



Yuki has light green eyes and blonde hair that has a side ponytail. In contrast to Seraphim and Sarasvati's bust size, Yuki's bust is bigger than Sarasvati but smaller than Seraphim. Like Seraphim, her breasts doing the Gainax Bounce. Also, she tends to wear clothes that reveal her buxom bust's cleavage.


Yuki is a cheerful and gentle girl who can easily feel bashful especially around Ayumu. She wants to be a good bride for Ayumu.


  • Ayumu - After Ayumu's accidental kiss, Yuki pledge to be his wife. She asks her friends how to be a good wife. When Yuki misinterprets Ayumu's actions as acts for affection, she easily blushes and thinks Ayumu is taking their relationship a bit too far. For example, in episode 6 of the 2nd series, Yuki finds that Ayumu has made her wear a golden ring. She thinks Ayumu has proposed to her, and when Ayumu grabs her shoulders, Yuki runs away. Interestingly, Ayumu does not look at her like a pervert.
  • Haruna - They are close friends, and Yuki asks her for advice on cooking despite that Haruna only knows how to cook eggs. They are seen sleeping together after a long, exhausting day of cooking practice. In the 2nd series, Yuki asks Haruna to help her dance for Sarasvati's concert. However, their curse dance causes everyone pain except for Eucliwood.

Story Arcs

Ayumu & Yuki's 1st kiss
Ayumu & Yuki's 1st kiss

Yuki Yoshida meets Ayumu in episode 7 where Yuki saves Ayumu and Haruna from the megalos by killing the megalos with tonkotsu. In Yuki's culture, a kiss between the opposite sex means marriage. When Haruna accidentally pushes Ayumu on top of Yuki and the two exchange their first kisses, Yuki becomes Ayumu's wife.

Powers and Abilities

Yuki Yoshida's main weapons are Tonkotsu Ramen soup which she splashes on her enemies. This is first used to defeat the Megalos who had Ayumu and Haruna cornered in episode 7.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Brittney Karbowski
Hisako Kanemoto
General Information Edit
Name: Yuki Yoshida
Name: 吉田 友紀
Romanji: Yoshida Yuki
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Is this a Zombie? #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Mael Strom
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Attractive Female
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