Yuki Terai-Secrets

Yuki Terai-Secrets is an anime series
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The virtual idol Yuki Terai is a lively 17-year-old who supposedly lives just outside Tokyo. She stars in this entirely computer-generated animation made up of six short segments, mostly SF and fantasy, but including a sequence where she is a singer in a French café-bar and another where she must shut down a critical machine at the other end of a space ship-yes, this involves running down a very long corridor while klaxons blare and lights flash. There is also a trailer for an unmade World War II epic seemingly inspired by Pearl Harbor (2001). These disparate shorts are little more than showreels for computer animators, made at that point in the early 21st century when developments in computer animation could still surprise on a monthly basis. The production credits imply that they were first seen as part of a larger show on Fuji TV, hence our classification of them as "television," and neither the "video" nor "movie" that some foreign distributors have attempted to imply. In the wake of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001), of course, computer animation has gone underground again, and prides itself on not being noticed, making Yuki Terai one of the creations of the brief flurry of CG-hype that also gave us Visitor, Aurora, Malice Doll, and Blue Remains. The rights for Yuki Terai were picked up by Escapi and released in the U.K. and northern Europe, alongside DVDs of similar showreels, Virtual Stars (1999) and Cybervenus Feifei (2001). The discs are sometimes sold under the umbrella label for the whole series: Virtually Real.

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Name Yuki Terai-Secrets
Romaji: Yuki Terai Secret Films
Publisher ?
Start Year 2000
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