Yui's Heart

Yui's Heart is an anime episode of Sword Art Online that was released on 09/22/2012

Yulier, second in command, of the Liberation Army has approached Kirito and Asuna for help saving her friend and her guild.

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Plot Summary

Asuna shoves frog meat in Kirito's mouth
Asuna shoves frog meat in Kirito's mouth

At an orphanage for children, Kirito and Asuna inform Sasha about Yui who they haven't find the truth behind Yui yet. Sasha states that she took the children into her church to care for them. Then, Yulier appears and thanks Kirito's group. She requests them to listen to her story about Kibaou who resorted to extorting others. She informs them that Kibaou has trapped Thinker in a dungeon three days ago. Yulier asks them to save Thinker since Kibaou has prevented the Army from rescuing them. Yui trusts Yulier, and Kirito agrees with Yui. Yui begs them to take her with them. In Black Iron Castle, Yulier tells them it's a dungeon underneath the Town of Beginnings. Further down the dungeon, Kirito kills a whole swarm of frog monsters while Yui watches happily. Yulier opens up the map and finds out that Thinker has not moved. Kirito shows a frog leg meat to Asuna and tells her to cook it. When Asuna throws it away, Kirito reveals lots of frog leg meat. Yui points out that Yulier smiles for a moment.

Yui observes the despair among SAO players
Yui observes the despair among SAO players

Later, Yulier and the others find Thinker, and Yulier rushes to reunite with Thinker. Thinker yells out it's a trap. Suddenly, a monster with a scythe attacks Yulier, but Kirito saves her. He asks Yulier and Asuna to teleport with Thinker and Yui to safety. Yet, Asuna wants to help Kirito. Kirito gets knocked down, and after Thinker and Yulier teleported, Yui approaches the boss. The boss swings down; however, the monster hits a barrier. Asuna sees Yui is classfied as an immortal object. Yui floats and reveals a flaming sword. She slashes at grim reaper monster and destroys it. Moments later in the white room, Yui explains to Kirito and Asuna that this world is controlled by Cardinal. Cardinal regulates everything from monsters to drop rates, and Yui states she is a program to monitor player's mental state. Asuna wonders why an AI has emotions. As she watches players succumb to despair and tragedy, she spots Kirito and Asuna who are different from the rest. Yui wants to meet Kirito and Asuna. As Yui cries, Kirito reassures her that she can do what she wants. Yui holds out her arms for Asuna and Kirito. Asuna first embraces Yui, and Kirito joins in the group hug. He admits Yui is their child.

Asuna: Yui is our first child
Asuna: Yui is our first child

Then, Yui sadly informs them that she will be deleted since she has disobeyed Cardinal's orders. Asuna and Kirito begs Yui not to leave them. Yui touches Asuna's face for the last time, and Asuna cries miserably over Yui's death. Kirito tries to override the system that Yui logged in. However, he gets blasted. He hands Asuna, Yui's heart in a form of a tear. Kirito states he manages to turn some of Yui's program into an object. Later, Kirito states that he will recreate Yui's program, and Asuna wears Yui's heart as a necklace. Like Kirito, Asuna states Yui is their first child.

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  • Japanese Name: "" ()
  • Light Novel Chapter:
  • Opening Theme: "crossing field" By LiSA
  • Ending Theme: "Yume Sekai (ユメセカイ; Dream World)" by Haruka Tomatsu

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Reki Kawahara Original Concept Light novel writer
Tomohiko Ito Director Director of Occult Academy
LiSA LiSA is a Japanese singer who sings the "oath sign" in Fate Zero and "crossing field" in Sword Art Online.
Haruka Tomatsu "Yume Sekai (ユメセカイ; Dream World)" Ending Theme Song


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