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Yui is a anime/manga character in the Sword Art Online franchise
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  • July 16, 2012: Takashichea started the anime project.
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For those who are new to Sword Art Online, here's a plot synopsis written by Buhssuht.


Technological innovation named Nerve Gear allows players to enter virtual world, achieving the true immersion. Soon after the invention of Nerve Gear, beta invitations of MMO named Sword Art Online are sent to numerous players. The game was fun to play until player realized that they cannot log out of the game. Suddenly Akihiko Kayaba, the creator of Sword Art Online appears and announces that everybody in the game are trapped within, and cannot leave the game until they defeat boss at top of dungeon, and if they were to remove Nerve Gear by force before defeating the final boss or die within the game, they would permanently die in real world. As parting gift, Akihiko leave mirrors to each players, which reveals players' real face causing more panic. Among them is a boy named Kirito, who determines to reach the final dungeon and leave the game no matter what.

Infinity Moment

The game takes place during the last 25 floors that Kirito and his gang did not cover in the anime series. Then, the Sword Art Online virtual gaming system begins to corrupt those floors making new obstacles for the young heroes to clear.

The PSP game is scheduled to released on March 14, 2013 in Japan. The regular version costs 6,280 Yen ($78.98), and the limited edition costs 9,980 Yen ($125.55).

The bundle's contents includes the following:

  • Exclusive Limited Edition Box
  • Infinity Moment Special Content DVD 1
  • Infintiy Moment Special Content DVD 2
  • A Soundtrack CD
  • Special Booklet with Illustrations by Abect
  • Custom PSP Theme

Exclusive Content

The limited edition includes a "Together with Asuna Aincrad Date Edition" where players (as Kirito) can ask Asuna out in a SIM type fashion.


As part of the hype surrounding the Sword Art Online PSP game, COSPA has released images of t-shirts.


Note: This is a compilation of several news articles on this game to save time.


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Hey everyone, I know we had a Sword Art Online discussion thread, so I did this weekly report to remind you guys about this wonderful anime series and to promote the wiki pages. So far, my teammates are Daniel Newton and Sonata. Independent wiki editors are Buhssuht, Juuhachi, ElfenLied1012, BigHeart711, and AnimeReviewDaily.

I'm going to review backwards to mix up things. Like always, watch out for spoilers.

Ep. 13: Edge of Hell's Abyss

After a wonderful day of fishing, Kirito and Asuna are back on the front lines with Commander Heathcliffe, Klein, Egil, and a group of SAO players. Before Kirito and Asuna jump back, the two have a deep conversation about life and love.


  • The boss looks awesome! It reminds me of a Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess boss but better because it has scythes.
  • Kirito and Asuna have some touching moments about their relationships.
  • It's good to see Egil and Klein getting some action.


  • Forgive me for this. I don't feel much sympathy for Asuna and Kirito's relationship. Maybe it's the rushed romance or it's Kirito/Asuna's character. Fans would call them the Gary and Mary Stu couple. They don't have much flaws except that Kirito is a loner who can't move on and Asuna is such a cliche perfect girl.

Ep. 11-12: The Morning Dew Girl & Yui's Heart

While Kirito and Asuna are on their honeymoon, they find a little girl (Yui) lost in the woods. They learn she has no recollection of her memories, and the couple helps Yui find her memories. What they find out will forever change their life and relationship.

Note: I would have posted the group hug image, but I like this screenshot.


  • It was a lovely arc where Yui was basically Kirito and Asuna's child. It had lots of cute and funny moments.
  • We had our first implied sex scene in the series. Though, it wasn't gratuitous enough for some fans.
  • I feel Yui's death was more better executed than Sachi's death scene. It was more of a tear jerker.


  • Kirito and Asuna's romance is bit rushed in this series.

Ep. 10: Crimson Killing Content

Kirito and Commander Heathcliffe have their duel. After Kirito loses to Heathcliffe who cheated, he, Godfrey, and Kuradeel embark on a quest. Then, Kuradeel reveals his true colors.


  • Fans who support Kirito and Asuna, they tied the knot.
  • Love the insecured feeling in this show because you never know someone is going to die or not. Kuradeel's brutal stabbing scene is horrific, but it builds suspense well.


  • Either the creator is teasing us, but Kuradeel's story is stupid.
  • Hate or Love it: The scene where Asuna undresses and beats Kirito due to her misunderstanding.

Ep. 8-9: The Sword Dance of Black and White & Blue-eyed Demon

Asuna and Kirito embark on a retcon quest to scope out the boss on floor 74, but when the Liberation Army goes out to fight the boss, it's up to Kirito, Asuna, and Klein to save their sorry asses.


  • It had the best, intense fight in this series so far. I haven't seen animation like this since Fate Zero.
  • It's great to see Asuna snap because she is seen as the perfect girl. It's better that she has some flaws.
  • Klein and his gang are here, and we need some bromance in this show.


  • Typical cliche response: Of course, when Kirito accidentally gropes Asuna, she bitch slaps him.

All comments and help on the wiki pages are welcome. If you need help with grammar or wiki style, let me know. I helped a fellow fan proofread his grammar on the character pages.

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