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A beautiful, shy woman who accidentally bumps into the Prince in the middle of a rainstorm, Yui is shocked when he begins putting the moves on her, telling her how much he loves her. She falls deeply in love with him after their sexual romp, becoming his first true love.


Living a modest life by herself in Japan, the beautiful, yet shy Yui has yet to find her first true love. When she walks home from shopping in town during a rainstorm, she bumps into the drenched Prince, who is currently sitting in the middle of the sidewalk as she made her way home. Little does she know, but this chance encounter in the rain will be the first of many wild events that will occur that night and leads to him becoming her first true love!


Yui was originally created by Yuuki Homura for use in the Pipiruma! franchise. She first appears in Pipiruma! Volume One.


At first, Yui is a shy, timid female who isn't confident enough to partake in the tough world of romance. However, this all changes when she brings the exiled Prince home with her to sit out a rainstorm. Shocked at first by his confessions of his love for her and his bold sexual approaches, Yui eventually gives into his passionate ways and thus becomes more confident in herself as a woman. She become his caring, loving girlfriend in the aftermath of their sexual romp, looking forward to spending her days with him.

Early Years

Nothing is known in regards to the early years of Yui's life.

Yui's Involvement in the Pipiruma! Franchise (H-manga)

Pipiruma! Volume One

Chapter One

Yui (Pipiruma! Volume One)
Yui (Pipiruma! Volume One)

We are first introduced to Yui in the first chapter as she walks over to where the stunned Prince sits on the sidewalk in the middle of a rainstorm to see if he is ok or not. Concerned about his wellbeing, Yui decides to be helpful and allow the drenched Prince to come back to her modest house in order to get cleaned up and wait out the rainstorm. When he agrees to her offer, she leads him back to her house, so that he can go into the bathroom and get cleaned up. After several minutes, the Prince emerges from the bathroom and thanks her for her kindness. Pleased, Yui starts to reply to his kind words, but before she can even finish her sentence, the Prince closes in and gives her a passionate kiss, causing her to blush in embarrassment. Stammering, eyes wide open in shock, Yui demands to know as to what in the hell is he doing, to which he replies "You don't like that kind of skinship?". Somewhat relieved, she guesses that it was something that foreigners like him would do, but he notices that she said it was her first time in her response. Smiling, the Prince makes his move, and before Yui can fully realize what is happening, he softly pushes her back onto the bed behind her and begins engaging her in sex. Being a virgin, Yui is worried about what will happen during her first time, but once the Prince beging utilizing all of his sexual skills in bed, she finds herself falling hopelessly in love with him after they achieve orgasm together.

Later that day, Yui and the Prince are laying in her bed, relaxing from their bout of wild sex that they had earlier in the day. While Yui sleeps at his side, the Prince ponders to himself the fact that he has earned the first of the six true loves that he needs in order to end his exile on Earth and return back home to Magilinarsa. Yui awakens several moments later when she finally notices that the Prince has sat up on her bed looking out the window, asking him if something was wrong. Smiling, he tells her that it was nothing, turning to look at her as he asks her if she would like to do it once more with him. From this point forward, Yui becomes his girlfriend and they begin their relationship with each other.

Chapter Two

Yui (Pipiruma! Chapter Two)
Yui (Pipiruma! Chapter Two)

In the second chapter, the Prince finds himself flirting with some of the beautiful women at the university as he and Yui walk through the halls towards her class. Disapproving of his constant flirting towards the other women since they are now in a relationship, Yui voices her displeasure with him regarding the matter. Telling her that it was ok, since she was the best girl of them all, the Prince departs off down the hallway when Yui reaches her classroom for lecture, leaving the somewhat flustered Yui standing there by herself. At the end of the chapter when her classes have ended, Yui notices that both the Prince and Hayate Sera were walking and talking with each other in a friendly manner, so she decides to ask him as to why he was being so friendly with "Sera-san". She stops, however, when she notices him watching the smiling Hayate running off towards her friend Mizuno, who longs to take Hayate out on a dinner date with him. Turning to watch, both Yui and the Prince observe Hayate joyfully asking her friend Mizuno out for dinner, much to his shock and surprise, having been coldly rejected by her earlier in the day.

Chapter Three

Sitting down at one of the tables enjoying both his glass of water and the beautiful women who work at the maid cafe that his girlfriend Yui works at, the Prince's behavior (staring at her coworkers in their skimpy outfits) draws the ire of the annoyed Yui, who is slightly jealous that her boyfriend won't stop checking out other women. When she confronts him about being there only ordering glasses of water, he starts to tell her that there are plenty of empty seats for other patrons to sit down, but becomes distracted when one of her coworkers leans over and reveals her panties to him when her tiny skirt lifts up. Now infuriated by his perverted train of thought, Yui proceeds to beat some sense into the Prince by hitting him in the head with her fists. Cringing from the painful punches to the back of his head, the Prince leans forward in pain, clutching his sore head as Yui notices a new customer entering the cafe and turns her attention to the new patron. The patron in question is Houjou, who politely asks if Yui is "Sawamori Yui-san", since she is looking to talk to her boyfriend the Prince. Thinking that Houjou is just some transgender fool who seeks to steal away his beautiful girlfriend, the Prince stands up and grabs Yui, telling the surprised Houjou to lay off his girlfriend, claiming that he will never allow a transgender person to steal Yui away from him. After several exchanges, the situation is resolved, with Yui heading off to resume her duties at the cafe while the Prince and Houjou begin talking to each other. After several minutes, both the Prince and Houjou depart the cafe together, with the curious Yui looking on in slightly confused as to what the two of them were discussing.

The follow day, the Prince and Yui are enjoying each other's company at the cafe when to both of their surprise, the male Houjou and his girlfriend Karen enter the cafe to have a meal together. Perplexed and amazed at the same time, Yui comments that Houjou seems to have become "more handsome" than before, which causes the Prince's mind to slightly race with worry, since Yui does not yet know that he has magical abilities. Irritated by her remarks once the words sink in, the Prince gives Yui a hard time abou it, to which she promptly turns around and gives him hell for always chasing after girl's rear ends when she would never, ever dream of cheating on him. Realizing that perhaps Yui does not want him sleeping with other women any more, the Prince stares blankly at the table as he realizes that she loves him that much.

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Name: Yui
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Pipiruma! #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Yui Sawamori
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