Yugo the Eliatrope

Yugo the Eliatrope is an anime episode of Wakfu that was released on 10/31/2008

Episode 2: Yugo the Eliatrope

Yugo the Eliatrope (Yugo L'Eliatrope)

After stoping the lone bow and his demonic sword, Yugo must venture into the dreaded Forbidden Forest to save his father and the villagers who were attacks. Meeting new allies along the way, they discover what was behind the attack on the village as a much more sinister force is at hand.

Plot Summary

Yugo, Alibertm and Ruel go to investigate the disturbance in the city when they come across little shadow creatures attacking the village. Any time they touch a person with their attenna, the person turns into a bushel of flowers as they rampage throughout the town. During the tirade, Ruel is able to destroy one of the robotic insects, commenting on the bizarre design but not before the madman sees the power Yugo holds. Yugo and Alibert manage to stop most of them from harming a family but Alibert is transformed with one of their last dying breath. Yugo is alarmed but Alibert tells him to look for a message to find his real family. Ruel tries to comfort the boy as they vow to find a way to save his father. Before they can leave, the boy from the inn arrives, pledging his alliance to Yugo. Introducing himself as Sir Sadlygrove Percedal, he states he is from the Knight of the Order of the Guardians of the Shushus, tasked with guarding the demonic weapon Rubliax that possessed him earlier. As the weapon insults him, Sadlygrove mentions that the shadow creatures came from the Forbidden Forest and that he'll work with Ruel and Yugo to find what made them attack.

Elsewhere in the forest, the two travelers from earlier are discussing their adventures as the dark skinned girl is shown to be Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm of the Sadida, a group of people who can powers over plants. Her bodyguard Evagelyne criticizes Amalia and a so-called vision she had as the princess had a run in with her older brother but she dismisses it, saying she is there for a reason. Ruel, Yugo, and Sadlygrove trek deeper into the forest as Ruel talks about life as a bounty hunter. During the conversation, Yugo continues to test his warp powers out on Az and using it to jump from place to place. After trying to decipher Sadlygrove's map, Yugo jumps to the tree tops, spotting a massive tree in the distance that may help with their quest. Before they can continue, they hear a scream in the distance, rushing to help the distressed.

They come across Evagelyne and Amalia, surrounded by the plant creatures as they help defend the two girls. After introducing one another, they realize that they are heading in the same direction and Amalia agrees to continue on with them. They finally find the massive tree Yugo saw earlier as a few tree monsters attack them. Able to make quick work of them, the shadows return once more as Sadlygrove saves Evagelyne from being transformed before he is cursed himself. While this is going on, the massive tree turns out to be a spirit of the forest as he confuses Amalia for someone else called the Plant. Amalia corrects him but is able to use her abilities to communicate with him, showing him that people aren't as cruel as he thinks as she restores life to his branches. Thankful, the tree tells them that something drained his wakfu and that he attacked as a result. He vows to change everyone he attacked back as the shadows go to the town, turning people back from their plant forms. While this happens, Amalia states that she plans on staying on her adventure until Yugo is reunited with his true family.

The celebration ends quickly as Ruel spots another robotic bug and the laughter of a stranger. The madman identifies himself as Nox and demands that Yugo tell him how he is able to use his magic or else he will kill his friends and family. The group attempts to fight back but Nox freezes them in time, showing his powers as a Xelor. He continues to interogate Yugo, discovering the blue feather Az has as dragon runes appear, flooding Yugo's mind with the truth that he must search for his family on Oma Island. Nox wonders how Yugo got that item as Alibert is able to free himself from the hold and counters Nox. Fleeing, Nox escapes as the time magic takes its toll on Alibert, turning his hair gray as he nearly collapses while Nox is amazed at the power surrounding the group. Bidding Yugo farewell, Alibert helps to rebuild the town as Evagelyne allows Amalia to continue this adventure. Ruel leads the group to the nearby warp gate as they need a map to get to Oma Island.

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