Yuda is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Yuda, or "1 Millimetre Yuda" as he is famously known, is the Head Chef and owner of the fabulous 10 star restaurant "Zen Ou" which is located on the top floor of the Gourmet Knife Tower. He is also ranked 5th on the IGO Chef Ranking.


Very little is know about Yuda's origin beyond the fact that he is an extremely skilled chef, which is obvious as he is regarded by many as one of the greatest chefs of the generation, and is ranked as such on the IGO Chef Ranking at 5th place. He is also the proud owner and Head Chef of the "Zen Ou Restaurant" which is located on the topmost floor of the Gourmet Knife Tower.


Yuda was created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro as a supporting character in the Toriko series.

Character Evolution


Yuda appears as a tall elderly looking gentleman, with long dark brown hair (A lighter shade of brown in the anime) and an equally long and stylish mustache.

His attire is akin to traditional Japanese chefs clothing, which amounts to a long light green robe, covered at his legs with a white apron. His robe has the kanji for "Medicine" and "Tray" stitched onto the front of it's chest in a much darker shade of green than the robe itself, allowing it to stand out (The kanji are coloured red in the anime).

Major Story Arcs

Four Beast Arc

Yudas first appearance is at his famous restaurant "Zen Ou", located on the very top floor of the Gourmet Knife Tower. He was preparing meals for the Four Heavenly Kings, as they readied themselves for their impending battles with the Four Beast. They note that it’s impressive that he remained open despite the evacuation orders and the danger of the current situation, thanking him for cooking all the meals.

Yuda explains that all of his employees have taken shelter for their own safety, and then tells them that his cooking is highly optimal for Food Immersion due to its highly nutritious nature and medicinal value telling them all to eat up and spare nothing. He is surprised however when Zebra cleans all the plates in front of his eyes, shocked by how fast it occurred.

At that moment Komatsu and Rin arrived with the cooked Bubble Fruits. Yuda compliments Komatsu on his skill in being able to cook the Bubble Fruits, which leaves Komatsu in awe realising who is talking to him and immediately asks Yuda for his autograph, which Yuda agrees to give him. Yuda and the others then sit down at the dining table and eat the Bubble Fruits Komatsu prepared for them, and as the Four Heavenly Kings Gourmet Cells evolved, Yuda tells them that the cooked Bubble Fruits are compatible with all of their cells before they all decided it's time they moved out to ambush the Four Beasts.

Later, during the battle with the main body of the Four Beast, it emitted a gas which caused a toxic rain to fall over the central location of the Human World. The rain in question was extremely hazardous to humans who it fell on, and Komatsu was informed that Yuda knew a cure and immediately set off to the Zen Ou Restaurant in an effort to get Yudas assistance in preparing a cure.

After Komatsu's arrival, Yuda explains to him that he is aware of the situation and that he is able to prepare a cure for the effects of the Green Rain, but tells Komatsu that their efforts will be in vain as it’s impossible to prepare the cure for so many people in such a small amount of time. Yuda tells Komatsu that if he tried his hardest he could make at best around 100 thousand portions of the cure, and despite Komatsu offering to assist him, he further explains that even with his help it would still be impossible, noting that they will need many more highly skilled chefs in order to pull it off.

At that moment, Setsuno arrived with her disciple Nono to assist Yuda and Komatsu in the preparation of the cure. As Yuda thanks her for arriving to assist them, he still tells them that its impossible to save everyone, and as he is saying this, famous chefs, Chiru, Livebearer, Damara Sky, Lulubhu, Tsurara Mama and Sumire all arrive to help them prepare as much of the cure as possible. Johannes arrived to explain that he sent out word to as many skilled chefs as he could, and these were the ones who were close enough to make it in time.

Yuda, with newfound resolve started to reveal to them how to prepare the "Purple Mochi". Yuda tells them that this dish is a special "Medicinal Cooking Mochi", prepared from "Colour Rice". He tells them that the colour of the rice used has to compliment the colour of the poison, which in turn effectively neutralises the poison once eaten.

Damala further explains that despite the rain being called "Green Rain", its colour is closer to a Yellow-Green, and that the colour opposite Yellow Green on a colour wheel is Purple, hence the creation of Purple Mochi to counteract the toxic effect. As Komatsu gets fired up to start cooking right away, Lulubhu and Sumire both state that its still impossible for them to cook enough to save everyone in the human world from the rain, and as Komatsu says that its just a matter of getting more chefs to help prepare the Mochi, Yuda states that the Purple Mochi is a "Special Preparation Ingredient" and as such, no chef bar them are able to prepare it.

Komatsu however, not wanting to be defeated, states that he will find a method which allows less skilled chefs to prepare the Mochi in under 10 minutes, much to all of their shock and amazement. Yuda and the other chefs agree to give him 10 minutes to try and find a method which allows the less skilled chefs to cook the Mochi before they put the back up plan into effect and chose which of the humans get the Purple Mochi they have the time to create themselves.

As they anxiously await Komatsus return, calling in the help of all their employees and assistants should he succeed in creating a simplified method for with they can cook the Mochi, Yuda as well as a few of the other chefs doubt he would able to perform such a feat in such a small amount of time. Yuda himself notes that as an expert in Medicinal Cooking, simplifying the Medicinal Cooking Mochi preparation is nearly impossible. But they change their views when Setsuno, Chiru and Livebearer tell them about just how skilled Komatsu is as a chef.

Just as Komatsu's 10 minutes were up, and they had all but lost hope, Komatsu arrived with the finished product, stating that it’s possible for the other less experienced chefs to cook the Purple Mochi. Yuda along with the others are shocked and in awe at this news, revelling in Komatsus skill as a chef. Yuda thought to himself, watching Komatsu show everyone via a video conference how to prepare to Purple Mochi that he truly is a genius.

After the video conference was over, its noted that in 2 hours 200 million servings can be made by the chefs, and Yuda tells everyone that they can handle the remaining 300 million themselves thanks to Komatsus simplified method.

Yuda is present around the TV when the Four Heavenly Kings finally defeat the Four Beast, and they all share a small celebration.

Later, as Komatsu is cooking for Toriko, Coco, Sunny and Zebra as a sort of celebratory dinner. Setsuno and Yuda look over the simplified method, noting just how skilled Komatsu was for coming up with it in such a short amount of time. Setsuno then wonders to herself if she should recommend him to the G7, but Yuda tells her there is no need as there is absolutely no doubt that he will get ranked on the IGO Chef Ranking.

Cooking Festival

Yuda was invited to the illustrious Cooking Festival as one of the 100 entrants, he was ranked-in on the IGO Chef Ranking at 5th place.

He along with the rest of the entrants was present at the starting line of the first event of the Cooking Festival, the preliminary round Triathlon Cooking. He managed to rank in the top 50 for that event and went on to compete in the second event, Scale Death Cooking, which he also won, and that allowed him to move onto the 3rd and final preliminary round, Entire Island Cooking, which he also managed to win.

Having passed all 3 preliminary rounds, Yuda managed to secure his place in the championship final, and the first opponent he was to compete against was Moh.

Before the championship finals of the Cooking Festival could get underway however, the Gourmet Corps began their attack, destroying and killing everyone and everything inside the stadium. Yuda was among the chefs who stood together in the stadium to fight back.

As the Gourmet Corps beasts fell from the sky, Yuda along with his fellow chefs began their attack. Yuda himself drew his All Purpose Medicine Blade and utilized his 1 Millimetre Thousand Cuts attack to slice through multiple beasts with extreme ease killing them all.

Later as the fighting intensified, Yuda was present when the Gourmet Corps Nitro finally arrived to assist in the battle, watching on in horror as fellow chef Makube was impaled through his chest upon their arrival. Yuda however, paralysed with fear at the sudden appearance of the Nitro, was unable to protect himself as it knocked him into the ground with a powerful attack knocking him unconscious in the process.

Yuda later revitalizes himself through the use of his "Ishoku Dougen Sosei Giri" ability, and after standing up and gaining his footing, he resolves to stop the Gourmet Corps from capturing any more chefs. At that moment Chiru appeared from doing battle with the Scum Beasts and wondered if they were skilled in Food Honour, but Yuda corrected her saying its more like Food Pressure, explaining that Food Pressure is assuming a threatening stance to force control over ingredients as opposed to the more calm appreciation techniques used in Food Honour.

While he is explaining, Damala looks to the sky and notices that hundreds more Scum Beasts are descending to attack them, and as Yuda contemplates if this is his end, Zebra activates Death Noise, killing them all. The chefs then turn to face him shocked at his sudden arrival, and look on as he starts to slaughter Gur, Zaragira and finally their Nitro, watching on as he began to destroy the entire stadium with his voice.

Yuda was present upon the arrival of Joa, witnessing Setsuno deflect his 10 million slice fillet attack into the stadium and causing incredible damage shocking them all. After the dust had cleared Yuda noticed that Setsuno was using "Waterfall Basin" her own personal Kitchen Knife, noting to himself that this was the very first time he had seen it and realising in the process that Setsuno was fighting seriously against Joa.

As Joa revived the Nitro near their location and sent them to kill the chefs, Jirou managed to arrive in time to save them before they were killed. Yuda and the others are then caught under the effect of Jirous Grand Knocking, paralysing them all. Chef Zaus is amazed that he was able to knock the entire island, but Yuda tells him that it was not just the island and its inhabitants he knocked, but the entire world, saying that he may have stopped the world in an instant. He then turns his gaze and notices the giant tsunami brought about by Grand Knocking heading straight for the island.

Yuda is also present as the Meteor Spice begins to fall, looking on in shock as it fell from the sky. He and the remaining chefs however were protected from serious harm by Jirou and Setsuno, who were actively defending the entire island.

Human World Arc

After the Meteor Spice had fallen on the Human World, Yuda is seen at Nono's frozen mountain of food as all the chefs get ready to prepare the food to give to the people of the Human World to save them from near starvation.

Powers and Abilities


Yuda is one of the most skilled chefs in the entire world, ranking in at 5th on the IGO Chef Ranking and being the Head Chef and owner of the famous Zen Ou Restaurant, which is located at the very top of the Knife Gourmet Tower, in Gourmet Town. He earned his nickname "1 Millimeter" due to his impeccable sense of balance and perfection. He is more than able to balance multiple trays on his hands and his head when delivering food to a table, shown when he brings out meals for the Four Heavenly Kings before their battle with the Four Beast. He is also one of the 5 (Historically 6) people in the world to have earned the title of Super Cook at the Cooking Festival, having earned twice in total.

His cooking style, Medicinal Cooking, is also noted to be perfect and well suited for those who have mastered Food Immersion, making him invaluable to those with the skill looking to greatly increase their reserves. As the sole authority on Medicinal Cooking, he is the only person in the world to have developed a cure to the Four Beasts, Green Rain, which originates in the Gourmet World itself, making it very difficult to cure. Despite it being very difficult to prepare, noting himself that it's a special preparation ingredient, he was confident enough in his skills that he would be able to produce 100,000 Purple Mochi in under an hour.

As far as his combat skills go, it's noted by multiple people that Yuda is very strong. Toriko said that Yuda did not have to worry about the attack of the Four Beast, hinting that he should he have been attacked, he would have been strong enough to deal with it himself. His speed and stamina is shown during the Cooking Festival, where he was able to effortlessly keep pace with both Zaus and Setsuno in the triathlon.


Bannou Yakutou - Yuda's long sword, it's design is rather elaborate thanks to it's unique decoration running along the blade and it's overall size.


1 Millimeter Thousand Cut - A powerful cutting attack Yuda uses in conjunction with his sword, Bannou Yakutou. He slices his opponent with extreme speed and proficiency, to the point where an observer is unable to comprehend anything beyond a single swing of his sword.

Ishoku Dougen: Sosei Giri - A largely unknown technique, Yuda uses this in order to revive himself should he be knocked unconscious. He inflicts a would upon himself that seemingly heals him rather than harms him. It's power is enough to allow him to recover from even serious wounds, however it will not heal said wounds or replenish his depleted energy reserves.

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Name: Yuda
Name: ユダ
Romanji: Yuda
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
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Aliases 1 Millimetre Yuda
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