YU YU HAKUSHO's Just As Sharp Today As It Was In The 90s

Topic started by PerryVandell on Nov. 2, 2011. Last post by SycoMantis91 8 months ago.
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One of the few anime i can watched Dubbed, it's hilarious!

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Bummer. Oh well, thanks for the reply!
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@johnnythewolf: Yeah totally...I mean I encourage you to keep watching but just go in knowing that there will be a lot of Yusuke and others fightin' increasingly more ridiculous dudes, meaning a lot of awesome looking fights happen (with circa mid 1990s animation but still cool)

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Thanks for the shout-out. Looking back now, it's obvious how much that first shot of pure anime shaped my tastes going forward. Bleach owes SO much to Yu Yu Hakusho that sometimes it feels like a re-imagining ala the different versions of FMA.

@ Tom: You watched the dub right? What did you think of that aspect of it? It's generally thought of as one of the better dubs around.

In fact, i'd say the dub MADE Yu Yu so popular in America. Yu Yu Hakusho's original Japanese, at least according to the subtitles was very much that of Dragonball Z. It was very dry and frank, with "I'll defeat you" and "I can't defeat you!". There wasn't a lot of humor to be had. Justin Cook's sarcastic quips as Yusuke and his script for the other characters made it not only watchable, but immensely enjoyable, and fit the audience that it ended up tailoring to.

@GlenTennis said:

I haven't seen much anime, but Yu Yu Hakusho is my favorite by far. Except that last season. That never happened.

There's nothing wrong with the last sesaon (at least nothing that wasn't wrong with previous seasons). I found splitting things up created some interesting dynamics. If anything, it was a bit too rushed.

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I had and have trouble getting into YYH. I don't deny it's amazing, but it really isn't my cup of tea. :)

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Not at all my type of show to much shonen silliness but then I despise dragon ball Z as well.

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it got repetitive after the Genkai tournament and the battles are too simple, i stop watching this anime because of the battle after battle stuff, i would like to see more like the first episodes, interaction between characters

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Hope they can remake YU-Yu like with HxH, Yusuke is way more likable than Gon...

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I Like Yu Yu Hakusho Movie...

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Yu Yu Hakusho is one of the best animes of all time I think they should bring it back. And they should make some new video games too.

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if you didn't finished watching, then why are you commenting?
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I did see it as a kid but never got very far. So when I re watched it a few months ago, most of the show was absent of nostalgia and I was still hooked. Easily one of the greatest Shonen in my opinion.

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