YU YU HAKUSHO #66 -- Watch & Learn

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So here’s a counterpoint to my whole spiel last time - - the one about the pluses and minuses of giving a story this amount of space and time to spread itself out over, remember?

A whole epilogue about what happens to Toguro in the Spirit World is exactly the sort of kooky, interesting material that’d be excised if this show were put through the same sort of gauntlet that tones down so much mainstream entertainment in America. Truthfully, I’ve never been too big of a fan of softening your badass villains into misunderstood ne’er-do-wells, but this revelation about Toguro having such a burning self-hatred was quite effective. Not only does it give the character more dimensions than we thought he’d ever get, it also builds a little more of a mythos for the show that’s frankly been pretty surface-level so far.

Honestly, I was expecting him and Genkai to go spend eternity together in limbo. That’d be a twistedly romantic fate for both characters, right?

Speaking of that old bag, I’m going to use this show as a counter example to anybody who ever dogs on superhero comics for their endless cycle of deaths and resurrections. In the space of two episodes, we get life/death switcheroos for no less than two characters - - and for Genkai, it’s got to be by the lamest possible means possible.

Seriously, how gleefully sadistic was it to watch Yusuke manhandling Puu at the beginning of this episode? Again, there were just so many hilarious scenarios that could’ve been played out if Genkai had taken possession of the little critter again. But no… they just bring her back, like nothing’s happened.

This is going to be it for YU YU HAKUSHO, for now. I might come back to the show if the currents of my desire wind up swelling in its direction. In the meantime, expect a special Vice Pit episode later this week for my more comprehensive thoughts on this mega arc.

Look up this episode, "Toguro's Wish" and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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The fact this can be compared successfully to world wide wrestling and American superhero comics...probably the reason it didn't work for me. Then I don't have much tolerance for much of shonen either so...

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