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The grieving process has to be one of the harder things to handle properly in an action show - - next to, or above, a believable romance, perhaps. You want to be true to the characters and how they’d react to a loss, but you don’t want to bum everybody out by having too long of a stretch without the goods they’ve come for. Sorrow’s real difficult to represent in a dynamic and visual way, you know?Yusuke blasting his spirit gun at full bore up into the heavens seems like a properly bombastic option, then. It’s like the equivalent of a Viking funeral in whatever you want to call this loose mythology of demons, ghost detectives and “spirit energy.”

Actually, while we’re talking about that, here’s a question for you more scholarly lunatics. All this flashy stuff should just be understood as an interchangeable synonym for “chi” in this universe, yes? I figured that was the case, but as the show goes on and it gets used more and more, it’s really starting to sound like it’s euphemism that’s been cooked up by the translation team. “Spirit energy” as a term doesn’t require the sort of pesky cultural perspective that “chi” does for proper understanding. Am I on to something here?

Anyway, we’re here at what should be the second season mark (or what was the mark in the original broadcast.) As much as I’m still enjoying the hell out of this show, it’s time to take another hiatus before we get to the real home stretch that’ll take us to the Dark Tournament’s finale. Don’t worry, though - - we won’t be leaving Team Urameshi for too long.

Look up this episode, "Overcoming Grief" and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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I hope you stick around for the chapter black arc after this

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One thing that this show has going for it is that its version of ''Chi'' isn't absolute, it can be exercised and strengthened through work, birthright, loaned, state of being, or just by living for lengthy amount of time. That logic comes in play even more so during the Chapter Black Saga, where the show does a complete 180 in its universe, can't really talk about it....spoilers ;P

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I want to say it was called "Reiki" in the original, but I'm not 100% sure that's right. Reiki translates pretty well to "Energy of the Spirit". Also, Yusuke's weapon of choice could be called the "Rei Gun". If you don't get it initially, say it out loud. Yeah.

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I've often felt that death and it's aftermath has often been handled far batter in manga/anime. Probably because 9/10 death in permanent. It's story based and characters aren't killed off in a crass attempt to boost sales. They also don't come back a few months later. More often with comics, after a death a new creative team is put on the book, and they ave their own story to tell. Why do they want to use what little time they have to sum up an flesh out what came before them?

It's been a while since I saw the Japanese version of this series. I'm not sure what term they use in place of Spiritual Energy. I know series such as BLEACH use the term "reiatsu". That's often translated into Spiritual Pressure, which always sounds silly.

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The Japanese term used is Reiki (spirit energy) and Youki (demon energy). So anything Yusuke, Kuwabara, Genkai, etc use is Reiki and anything Hiei, and the various demons use is Youki.

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@AgentJ: THAT is hilarious and I can't think that wasn't intentional...I almost think they should have called it that in the show for laughs...some people might have gotten upset though I would have found it rather fitting given the fact that this is by no means a serious show.

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