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Look everybody… watching this show has been a whole barrel of fun. There’s a relentlessly-entertaining brilliance to its simplicity (yes, there is.)

However, as I’ve said many times (and as you’ve probably noticed even more times) that simplicity doesn’t lend itself as well to regular commentary and analysis. Most times, I follow series that cap off at 26 episodes. I was going to tie off these micro reviews of YU YU HAKUSHO with its 26th episode, but you lunatics begged me to keep following through the legendary “Dark Tournament” arc. I complied and feel better for it, truly. However, going into it, I didn’t realize this arc would be longer than most full length series. As we near the Double-X 52nd episode, I think it’d be best to start tying off this particular W&L, especially considering that I’m nearly done with its unofficial sister series, EUREKA SEVEN.

Unless there’s a significant enough protest, I’m planning to post on the next two or three episodes, individually, and then probably cover the remaining 16 (!!!) of Dark Tournament in bigger chunks. Maybe they’ll be four-at-a-time, maybe they’ll be eight-at-a-time. You’ve stuck with me on this show for this long, and I owe it to you to see it through to end. The question just pertains to the precise details of it.

Regarding this episode - - Kuwabara got put through one of the most humiliating (and trippy) defeats ever presented in this series, and Genkai entered this round to prolong the most obvious red herring ever long past its fresh date in the fish section. These are exciting plot developments, to be sure, but I’m more inclined to comment on the animation, which gets some inexplicable turbo-boost in quality. Maybe the animation staff felt especially inspired for this one. I’m still impressed by how much the practical psychedelia of Kuwabara’s journey into the outer fringes of madness was so much… fuller than what we’re used to with TV anime today, even from Pierrot. You can see how the studio really hustled for its reputation on this show.

Look up this episode, "The Cape of No Return" and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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I dont mind if you bunch up multiple episodes into one review. Heck, after all its just a long arse fighting tournament. I dont thinki you could do that with the next season after this but I think more importantly is hearing your first reactions to things, wihch for me is always a great thing to read. So to end, no pressure I'll enjoy it either way. lol.

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I would certainly suggest following through the Dark Tournament, but once that is finished. You can just let the series go. It doesn't really end up anywhere all that interesting.
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@FoxxFireArt: i disagree.The psychic and demon arcs are pretty much on par with the dark tournament in my book

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@FoxxFireArt: Yeah i disagree on that as well, psychic arc brings new life to the show... the dark tournament was great but no one would sit through 3 more arcs of straight tournament fighting....

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Yeah, I'd be okay with fights being bunched up into bigger articles. As long as it doesn't happen for the next season which is some really great stuff.

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@KingSolomon said:

@FoxxFireArt: Yeah i disagree on that as well, psychic arc brings new life to the show... the dark tournament was great but no one would sit through 3 more arcs of straight tournament fighting....

Ya, not to mention that that arc was completely copied point for point by a few other series I wont name, but ya, as I mention in the 20's I'm completely behind the notion of doing 4-5 episode bulks. Honestly, I wouldn't have it another way, it gives you something more to talk about, and the audience a bigger plate to munch on.

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You might want to watch chapter black, its a surprisingly complicated arc.

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@FoxxFireArt: i disagree as well, chapter black and the demon arcs are quite interesting as well, but its totally up to you if you will go that far more into it

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I loved Genkai's fight with this pretty boy.

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