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You know, it’s actually been about 16 years since I’ve caught a pro-wrestling pay-per-view, so the timing of me going to my friend’s viewing party for WRESTLEMANIA XXVIII is feeling extra appropriate now that the W&L roulette wheel’s spun to YU YU HAKUSHO. I’ve said that this plot’s a lot like a pro wrestling storyline many times already but - - after getting a reminder yesterday that was so gloriously spearhead by the Rock smackdown of John Cena - - I’ve decided to retract that statement.

This show isn’t like anime pro wrestling. It is anime pro wrestling.

Look no farther than Kurama’s bout against the kid with the fishing pole. You know, how it takes place in a cage, of sorts, and how the bad boy makes an insincere plea for mercy that’s devious enough to make Rick Flair blush.

Last night’s flaunting of the WWE’s current choice to have as many non-characters in its line-up as possible reminded me how much I still prefer the “cartoon era” of company. That, in turn, clarifies why I’ve been enjoying this show so much, even as it makes me slog through episode after episode in what has got me to the longest damn story arc I’ve encountered in any single TV show, anywhere. Unlike watching Papa Shango challenge Ultimate Warrior at a SURVIVOR SERIES, this isn’t like a cartoon - - this is a cartoon.

Pile on the fact that Yusuke’s impeding rematch against Toguro is playing out exactly like a proper feud between a badyface and heel when the championship belt’s on the line… and the connection shouldn’t need any more arguments in its favor.

I promise this will be the last time I bring this up as long as you lunatics all promise to accept what I’ve proposed here as a given.

Look up this episode, "Many Faces, Many Forms" and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Never knew you were familiar with one of pro wrestling's worst gimmicks. :P
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I find this Team especially interesting because every member is a twisted take on a japanese tale. I don't know how much of that gets through in the english dub, but it goes something like that:

Makintaro: Evil Kintaro, based on Kintaro, the golden boy. A child of superhuman strength, he was active and indefatigable, plump and ruddy, wearing only a bib with the Chinese character for "gold".

Kuromomotaro: Dark Momotaro, the peach boy, who befriended a dog, a monkey and a pheasant by feeding them dumplings, and together they fought onis.

Uraurashima: Reverse Urashima, perhaps the most known one, based on the adventure of Urashima Taro, a fisherman who is invited by the Dragon God to visit his underwater palace, stays there for three days, but when he goes back 300 years had past.

As you can see, even their looks is based off the characters! I don't believe their leader is based on a tale or legend, but I could be wrong.

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@Maajin: wow...you ALMOST made me actually respect this show....hmm

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