YU YU HAKUSHO #44 -- Watch & Learn

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One of the great appeals the show: a sentimental montage in this episode has Yusuke fondly remembering the one time an old lady beat him with a machine-gun barrage of punches. The way the heart-tugging music swells in this scene, you forget for a moment (just a moment!) that you’re watching something so utterly and totally ridiculous. The rest of the show doesn’t have this specific collation of qualities, but the fact that one such as I doesn’t immediately recognize the absurdity of such moments says a lot about how frequently such "preposterone" is doled out in this show. I take it for granted at this point.

Put simply the show constantly “delivers the goods” in respect to macho action, but it’s always got the right sense of humor about it. Like the latest gag with Genkai putting Yusuke through a a test of virtue that essentially works out like a hazing prank. It's a real feat, how they've managed to balance his kickass toughness with all these gags making him out to be a big softee.

And the same applies to Hiei, who earns a few more tokens of badassry even while everybody's having a good ol’ time pushing his buttons about his ever-so-innocently-unaware sister. Seriously, man - - the “blink and you’ll miss it” maiming trick he pulls off in this bout makes that whole Black Dragon attack look about as tame as a prancing kata. Somehow, I doubt Team Urameshi will have a problem wrecking these clowns.

Look up this episode, "Yusuke's Final Test" and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Ohhh you've gotten to the clowns, this break with puu is sort of the calm before the-well lets just watch and find out *zips lip*

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