YU YU HAKUSHO #41 -- Watch & Learn

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I accidentally skipped ahead of episode #40 and didn’t realize it until I was halfway through with #41, but we’ll just go ahead anyway. All I’ve probably missed is some of the back-and-forth in a fight I could already see the outcome of. Honestly, it’s more entertaining to have all this furious build-up get cut off with a brusque super art. (Dude! Yusuke’s totally just wrecks this guy!) Maybe my whole prediction about the boyo eventually joining Team Urameshi won’t actually pan out because the guy’s… uh… basically dead at the end of this bout.

Earlier on, I kept bringing up similarities this show shared with video games. Over time, the flavors been steadily pointing closer to pro wrestling. One of you ought to put together a flow chart to mark the progression because, by this point, I’m feeling just like Ashitaka wrestling with his demon-possessed arm in PRINCESS MONONOKE because I have to keep fighting the compulsion to remark on the rather blatant parallels I could draw between this and a classic pay-per-view. Once you have corrupt federation chairmen cheating the ref’s calls and vetoing match rulings retroactively, you might as well pack the tournament out of the spirit world and move it over to the Pontiac Silverdome with legendary 93,000 head capacity.

On another note, I was honestly surprised to see Hiei’s sister back in this business (though I probably shouldn’t have been.) I figured she would’ve been one of the first punch lines in a running joke about Kuwabara’s miserable love life. You know, kind of like how pretty much every episode of SEINFELD had to have Jerry breaking up with some new girl. Now that she’s in the picture again, though, I suspect the infatuation that once seemed like a non-starter will actually go somewhere. Maybe the next big story arc will be about all these guys going on a big picnic with their girlfriends to balance the 40 straight episodes of rage-fueled machismo?

Look up this episode, "Reverse Decisions" and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

Also, if you have a question about this episode, this show or anything else (anything!) and you'd like it answered on the site, go on and post in this thread.

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The next arc has a lot more going on than this one, though I don't remember their being any picnics. Just a warning though, after you watch chapter black you start to see elements of its plot repeated everywhere.

Anyway this arc still has some surprises left, have fun.

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