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Oh sure. There's ANOTHER master fighting lady with pink hair in this world.
Oh sure. There's ANOTHER master fighting lady with pink hair in this world.

Right again!

My batting average with these predictions is improving nicely. I can spot a pregnancy from a mile away in EUREKA SEVEN and I called the identity of the “mysterious masked fighter” on Yusuke’s team despite the multiple red herrings they’ve tried to throw me off with. Oh, so it’s a young, short woman with pink hair behind the wraps? Well, considering how we’ve been seeing Koenma switch between young and old forms like he’s taking a jacket on and off, it isn’t any kind of stretch to assume that spirit mistress Genkai can pull off the same trick just as easily. Don’t expect these knuckleheads to figure that out on their own, of course, but you've got to work a little harder to pull off a fast one like this with me.

To push the whole extended metaphor about this arc of the show being so pleasingly like pro wrestling, I couldn’t help but feel like our evil doctor here is basically just an old school manager. A hideously deformed, sexually perverted Mr. Fuji as it were. You think about it, and his robot attacking Hiei and Kurama in the forest so they stay out of this round is exactly the same as Bobby the Brain having some goons in the Heenan Family assault Bret Hart and the Ultimate Warrior in the locker room so they can’t participate in the Survivor Series.

And that’s perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Getting back to what I was saying earlier, Yusuke’s rough and tumble delinquency might mean he isn’t sharp enough to notice what’s going on with his secret tag partner, but I appreciate how it’s made him so mean. Watch enough of these sort of shows and you’ll start having a particular annoyance with the stock plot where some of the good guys are mind-controlled into being bad guys. Most times, it gets your leads acting like chumps (as Kuwabara does here) and getting trounced because they don't have the sense to take the kiddy gloves off when the threat dictates. So much credit to Yusuke for keeping his eye on the ball and keeping the rage on these guys. That’s the kind of guts that wins championships.

Look up this episode, "Glimpse Beneath the Mask" and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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These Team Dr. Ichigaki fights are my least favorite ones in the Dark Tournament by a mile. But for what it's worth they serve as an excellent set up for the next batch.

Even though I've watched it dozens of times, I still get tense in that last Risho fight.

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Genkei is probably the most beautiful female character in Yu Yu Hakusho who can kick butt (if you look at her younger self).

I can't remember the episode well in order to comment more. Sorry!

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You said you were stopping after the dark tournament? Going through the show again it's almost too bad. The next part is...in my opinion good and bad. A little too dumb and cheesy in small parts but overall good. And the last short saga is great because of all the character back story. I forget how LITTLE you learn about our 2 favorite demon companions until you get to the end of the series.
The series has a weird resolution, one that I like. The only thing I really dislike is the last episode, where the budget apparently went to crap and it looks very very poor. It always stands out in my mind and when I watch it.
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Ooh man, tell me about it. It had me second guessing my dedication to the show...risky move, but I too feel it payed off.

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