YU YU HAKUSHO #34 -- Watch & Learn

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My roommate wandered into the living room while I was watching this one. Having a “third party” around made the plethora of potential sexual innuendos just hilariously more blatant. I mean, the goblin doctor running the opposing team just keeps on about how he’s going to “possess Yusuke’s body” and then “exploit” it for his own perverted amusement! C’mon, these are just gimmes. There has GOT to be some YouTube video compiling all these lines in the same way as those DBZ clips with the lines like “The balls are inert” and “I hope my body can take it.”

Maybe a better conceived version of this…

* AHEM *

Some of you lunatics explained to me that Hiei wasn’t going to shake off his injury from the Black Dragon attack. I suppose everything’s relative when it comes to permanent scarring because, aside from a sprained wrist, he doesn’t seem to have been reduced by too significant a percentile (as the goblin perverted above would put it.) Kurama saves him from the super-indestructible robot in this episode, sure, but he probably wouldn’t get that much of a handicap if he went back into the tournament.

And, really, these half-assed goony are supposed to be the next nigh-unstoppable threat? The animators practically didn’t even bother to design them and we’re supposed to take them seriously as villains? I’d say that’s honestly one of the bigger drawbacks of the show, so far - - most of the villains look like they been taken straight out some doodles a kid did on his loose leafs while he was bored in Algebra. The heroes are pretty solidly designed, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that these make you think that the show rattles so many of them over a story arc that the crew’s quickly just starts pulling them out of their asses.

Look up this episode, "Percentage of Victory" and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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dont worry your still quite early with this series, the drawings of the generic guys do get better, and your in for quite a set of spectacles in the future

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Ya, the villains in that particular episode were incredibly atrocious, but as stated they get better...I'm not sure why that is, but they do. Its pretty weird now thinking about it.

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Just think of thies guys as the anoying fodder enemies you have to wade through before you get the cooler and more interesting mid and end game guys.

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