YU YU HAKUSHO #25 -- Watch & Learn

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“My body’s sensing something. There’s something big in this room!”

A line uttered by Yusuke in this episode. that further proves how much fun the dub team is having with this show. It’s simply been too long since the days when every other episode of DBZ had such blatant sexual innuendoes.

Some of you lunatics compared the combined Toguro brothers to Guile. I see more resemblance to the Guile rip-off from the first ART OF FIGHTING and, pushing that comparison along, I found their defeat as cathartic as beating a SNK boss. Anybody who was around to play the Neo Geo games back in the day will remember how absurdly technical and difficult those fighting games were. Those same people will understand why it’s so pleasing to me to see Yusuke and Kuwabara vanquishing the guy with what’s essentially a Capcom-style hyper combo.

Say it with me…


Ahem. What I’m getting at it is that while I guess it’s “better for you” to see heroes having to struggle with unfairly-advantaged bad guys, YU YU HAKUSHO’s giving me a charge for how the good guys are just kicking the shit out of every heel that pops up in this arc without much struggle. Hiei’s revenge is the perfect encapsulation of that. He’s winning so easily, his sister has to beg him to stop! It's... it's... it's like the ending of ART OF FIGHTING!

And it's so wicked how Kuwabara’s spirit sword just sticks out its impalement point like some awkward broom stick once the fight’s over.

* AHEM *

Looking back over this, I realize it sounds a lot like 10-Year-Tom’s review of the DBZ Dragon Box, and I’m at peace with that. It’s alright. This show was a contemporary of DBZ, after all, and watching it is essentially like getting to enjoy all the “preposterone” of the Z-fighter’s brawls with all the finer appreciation that comes with age.

Look up this episode, "Kuwabara's Fight of Love" and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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no comment

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Does this mean you will continue watching past the first saga?

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"The world needs more of this. Right here."

There is more to be had. And you can see it if you keep watching after episode number 25. :D

Don't leave us hanging man, did you decide to keep watching or are you going to stick to your original plan to stop at 25?????

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At the VERY LEAST watch ONE more episode.

@zaldar said:

no comment

Wait, instead of just not adding a comment, you took the time to write "no comment"? Is there a quest for post counts now?

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they don't make anime/manga like these anymore

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Please keep doing these! This is pretty much the only reason I've been coming to anime vice since you started this!

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Definitely you doing these yuyuhakusho articles are the only reason I'm on anime vice
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If there is one thing you can say about this series, is that it's fun. I've enjoyed these articles, because it really shows how there really isn't anything to analyze - there are no deeper meanings. And yet, it's just damn enjoyable.

I find it really hard to quantify why, but Yu Yu Hakusho is one of my all time favourites.

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I gotta admit, the only reason I post is because of the series of articles...I'll feel lost without them. Also, I know exactly why the first guy posted " No Comment" ;)

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